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Related Policies and Legislation

New courses and significant changes to existing courses must be developed in accordance with the standards and procedures specified in the Policy on Course and Topic Development, Approval and Management.

In addition, course proposals relating to:

All courses must be developed with reference to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for the appropriate Level

Establishment of a new Course

A Course proposal must be submitted on the appropriate form.  The required forms to use are specified in  Course approval process table (PDF 76KB) . For New Course Proposals Parts A, B and C must be submitted, and the Report generated by the Financial Modelling Tool must be submitted with Part B.  The forms contain guidelines for assistance with completion.

Alternative versions of these forms are available on request to if you have any difficulty downloading the forms below.

Part A Course Information (Domestic) (DOCX 77KB)

Part A Course Information (Offshore) (DOCX 84KB)

Part B Business Case (Domestic) (DOCX 83KB)

Part B Business Case (Offshore) (DOCX 93KB)

Part C Course Outline (DOCX 71KB)

Financial Viability Model Template available listed under Financial Tools from the Financial Services Division, Links, Tools and Information webpage

Change to a Course

A Change to a Course may be subject to approval by Academic Senate or by delegation, depending on the nature of the change. Examples are provided in the Course approval process table (PDF 76KB) .  Proposals must be submitted on the required form.  The form contains guidelines for assistance with completion.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) has authorised the use of a temporary Form to seek approval for Editorial changes to Course Aims and Learning Outcomes arising from the AQF Compliance Review:

Significant Change to a Course (DOCX 77KB)

Significant Change to a Course Learning Outcomes (DOCX 40KB)

A Significant change to a course is defined as any change to an existing course which substantially affects the funding arrangements, resources or profile of the University or particular Faculties, or changes to the structure of an existing course, or a change to the Program of Study as defined below, and is subject to approval by Academic Senate unless specified below as a change which may be approved under delegated authority.

Academic Senate has delegated to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) the authority to approve significant changes to:

  • Establish new combined degrees where the component degrees already exist;
  • Admission requirements;
  • Progression rules;
  • Educational Aims and Learning Outcomes;
  • Program of Study changes as defined below:

A significant Program of Study change is defined as a substantial change which affects the content of the course in a way that impacts on the Educational Aims and Expected Learning Outcomes, or core requirements of the course.

Changes to the Program of Study that are not designated as Significant changes are designated as Minor changes which may be approved by Faculty Boards under authority delegated from Academic Senate.

A Minor change may be communicated directly to Student Services by nominated Faculty officers accompanied by the appropriate minor change communication form (DOCX 19KB) , for the purpose of amending the published course rule.

See the examples provided in the Type of Proposal column of the  Course approval process table (PDF 76KB)  to identify the appropriate form and approval process for a proposed change.

Timeline for approval

Course proposers are advised to review the deadlines for the submission of papers to relevant committees and plan accordingly.

To maximise impact New Courses should be available for promotion in the year prior to their commencement.  Recruitment activities commence in late January for intake commencing in Semester 1 of the following year. 

Matters for publication in the Undergraduate SATAC guide should be approved by the March Academic Senate meeting in the year prior to commencement of the course or change to a course. 

All other matters should be completed by July of the year prior to commencement of the course or change to a course, to enable support for student enrolment to be implemented.

Activities related to the implementation of a new course are shown in the  Course Approval Process Timeline Semester 1 2017 development (PDF 51KB) and a more comprehensive list of deadlines is provided in the Course Development Important Dates 2015 - 2017 (PDF 39KB) .


A Flow Chart showing the approval process is available for a New Course (PDF 19KB) , and a  Significant_Change_to_a_Course (PDF 17KB) .

The process of approval for different proposal types is summarised in greater detail in the Course approval process table (PDF 76KB) .

University and Faculty Committees

Information and meeting dates for University Committees, including Faculty Boards are available at the Committees of the University Website

Information and meeting dates are also available for Faculty Committees:

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