The University is a body corporate and Council, the University’s governing body, has the powers, authorities, duties and functions conferred and imposed on the Council by or under the Act. Section 5 of the Act designates the University Council as the body responsible for exercising the University’s powers.

The framework of delegations of authority established under the Flinders University of South Australia Act 1966, Statutes, By-Laws and policies; and as determined by Council in relation to Flinders University’s administrative functions has been structured to distinguish between:

  • Powers that Council has for the time being reserved for its sole authority Schedule A
  • Powers that have been delegated and sub-delegated Schedule B

Schedule A: Powers that Council has for the time being reserved for its sole authority 1

Power Legislative/policy reference
Approve the strategic, financial and operational plans of the University Act 5 (2) (b)
Approve the annual budget and capital infrastructure plan (CIP) Act 5 (2) (b) and Policy on Formulation of the University Budget and item 32 of the Council minutes for meeting 6/10
Approve the Annual Financial Statements and the Annual Report of the University Act 5 (2) (c), 27 and Annual Financial Statements Procedures
Establish University entities and subsidiaries of entities, including the appointment of the Chair and members of entity Boards and approval of entity business plans Act 5(2) (e)
Policy on Controlled Entities
Approve significant commercial undertakings Act 5 (2)(h) and Risk Management Policy
Appoint ten appointed members of Council Act 5 (3) (d)
Council Handbook Section 3 clause 1
Co-opt and appoint one Council member Act 5 (3) (e)
Council Handbook Section 3 clause 1
Remove an appointed or elected member Act 6(6) and Council Handbook Section 3 clause 7
Appoint the Chancellor Act 16 (1)
Council Handbook Section 3 clause 4
Appoint the Vice-Chancellor Act 16 (1) and Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor
Council Handbook Section 3 clause 5
Appoint up to two Pro-Chancellors or Deputy Chancellors

Act 16 (2) and Statute 2.2 The Deputy Chancellors and Council Handbook Section 3 clause 1.2.1

Set terms and conditions of appointment of the Chancellor Act 16 (3)
Set salary and terms and conditions of the Vice-Chancellor Act 16 (4)
Delegate Council’s powers under the Act (except the power to delegate) Act 19A
Make alter and repeal any statutes and regulations with respect to matters regarding the University Act 20
Surrender of degrees and diplomas 2 Statute 7.8
Approve/review Work Health and Safety Risk Profile, Operational and Audit Plans Act 5(2)(e) and Work Health and Safety Management System

1  These powers are statutory powers and/or significant powers that Council could choose to delegate, but which may not be sub-delegated.

2  In order to enable the holder to be admitted to some other degree or diploma in the University.

Schedule B:  Powers that have been delegated and sub-delegated

Power Legislative/policy reference Delegates Sub-delegates
Academic and student matters      
Determine the qualifications required for admission to degrees
including quotas, applications not through SATAC, prerequisites and assumed knowledge etc

Statute 6.1 Admission

Entry Requirements

Academic Senate Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Faculties as per
Admit applicants to postgraduate courses or higher degrees where those applicants have not met the relevant requirements, but who have satisfied the Faculty Board of their suitability for admission Statute 6.1 Admission Academic Senate Faculties
Withdraw an offer and cancel enrolment allowed on the basis of that offer, where an applicant has been offered a place in a course as a result of the provision of inaccurate or incomplete information by the applicant or certifying authority Statute 6.1 Admission clause 8 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)  
Grant an extension of time for the payment of student fees or reduce or waive any late fine

Statute 6.2 Enrolment of Students clause 3

Students with Outstanding Debt

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Director, Student Administration and Systems
Permit access by a student to University premises or facilities during a period of suspension or expulsion Statute 6.4 Student Conduct
Handling a Matter under Statute 6.4: Student Conduct
Involve the Police in a matter of student conduct Statute 6.4 Student Conduct
Handling a Matter under Statute 6.4: Student Conduct
Vice-Chancellor Senior Vice-President
Consider applications for re-admission to a course or re-enrolment in a topic Handling a Matter under Statute 6.4: Student Conduct, clause 8 (Council 4/13, minute 10) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)  
Approve accreditation, suspension and withdrawal of academic awards, including:
(i)  course Rule
(ii) significant changes to a course
(iii)  minor changes to a course
Act 5 (2)(g), Statute 7.1 Bachelor Degrees, Diplomas and other Academic Awards
Academic Senate terms of reference and Course and Topic Development, Approval and Management Policy
Academic Senate (ii)  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
(iii)  Faculty Boards as per
Schedule of Authorisations to Approve Course Changes
Academic dress Statute 7.9
Academic Dress Policy
Secretary of the Council (piping colours)  
Appointments and staffing      
Appoint such number of Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Pro Vice-Chancellors as the Council deems appropriate

Act 16 (2)

Appointment Policy

On a case by case basis, delegated to an Appointment Committee MAY NOT BE SUB-DELEGATED
Appointment of staff

Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor

Appointment Policy

Vice-Chancellor As per Appointment Policy
Appoint University staff to external boards other than subsidiaries, joint ventures  and the like Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor
Council meeting 6/12, minute item 19
Appoint Executive Deans of Faculty

Statute 4.3 The Faculties

Appointment Policy

On a case by case basis, delegated to an Appointment Committee MAY NOT BE SUB-DELEGATED
Appointment of Deputy/acting Executive Dean Statute 4.3 The Faculties   Vice-Chancellor   
Awards and Prizes      
Confer degrees, diplomas and other awards including awards honoris causa  Act 21, Council 2/14 minute 11 Vice-Chancellor (awards in absentia only MAY NOT BE SUB-DELEGATED 
Award recognition, including:
(i) Approve the naming of a grant, fellowship, personal Chair or academic post, Centre or Institute
(ii) the title Emeritus Professor, the Convocation Medal and Distinguished Alumni Award, establish and award staff awards and prizes, approve the naming of lectures and items of equipment
(iii) the title Companion of the University and naming of an item of infrastructure, facility or area. 
Policy on  Recognition of Service, Donation, Significant Contribution or Personal Achievement  (i) Academic Senate
(ii)  Vice-Chancellor 
Determine an award for academic excellence
(i) University Medal, Ken Wanganeen Medal
(ii) VC’s prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
(iii) Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation
Awards for Academic Excellence  Academic Senate   (i) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
(ii) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
(iii) Faculty 
Establish/rescind/amend the rules for a student prize or scholarship
(i)  University-wide prizes, postgraduate coursework and undergraduate scholarships
(ii)  Higher degree research scholarships
(iii)  Faculty prizes 
Policy on Prizes and Scholarships  Vice-Chancellor  (i) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
(ii) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
(iii) Faculty Executive Deans as per
Schedule to the Policy on Prizes and Scholarships  
Financial matters      
Budget and capital infrastructure plan (CIP) variations:
(i)  Vary budgeted allocations in accordance with guidelines established by Finance and Investment Committee
(ii)  Add and remove projects  and amend CIP budget provisions >$100k (subject to specific provisions)
(iii)  Amend CIP budget provisions <$100k 
Act 5 (2) (b) and Policy on Formulation of the University Budget
and item 32 of the Council minutes for meeting 6/10 
(i) and (ii) Vice-Chancellor
(iii) Senior Vice-President  
Exercise expenditure authority   Policy on Authorisation of University Expenditure  Refer
Schedule of Expenditure Authorisations  
Recorded in Finance System from details on form signed by delegate and sub-delegate 
Bad debts write-off
(i) >10k
(ii) $501-$10k
(iii) Up to $500 
Management of Outstanding Debt  (i)  Finance and Investment Committee
(ii)  Senior Vice-President
(iii)  Director, Financial Services 
Investment decisions, including:
(i) allocation of long term pool funds amongst investment managers;
(ii) appointment/termination of appointment of investment managers;
(iii) instruct fund managers and authorise short term investments 
Investment Policy  (i) & (ii)  Finance and Investment Committee
(iii) Vice-Chancellor in association with other authorised staff as identified in policy  
Travel, approval 

Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor

Travel, Accommodation and Subsistence Policy, clause 4 

Vice-Chancellor   Members of the senior executive with line management responsibility for a cost centre; Deans of School 
Legal/contractual matters      
Enter into contracts   Policy on Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts   Refer
Framework of Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts 
Framework of Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts 
Insignia/Logo of the University, use of  Act 4B, Statute 1.2 University Colours and Insignia
Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor
Policy on Brand Responsibilities 



Secretary of the Council

Executive Director, Marketing and Communications Office 
Intellectual property - decision to exercise right of ownership  Intellectual Property policy   Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)   
Affixing the Common Seal  to
(i) Certificates for degrees and diplomas
(ii) Documents the sealing of which cannot be delayed until the next Council meeting, do not require approval of the Governor under section 3(5) of the Act and the document is one that Council would likely approve
(iii) All other documents 
Statute 1.1 and Procedure for Affixing the Common Seal
Custodians: Cat 1-Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors; Cat 2- Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Pro
Affixing officers: Secretary of the Council, Council Secretary
(i)  by a Custodian alone (ii)  by 2 Custodians (1 of each of the categories of Custodian) as per Statute 1.1 clause 3, in the presence of an Affixing Officer
(iii)  reserved to Council 
Policy and control systems      
(i) Establish/rescind policy
in selected academic areas
(ii) Establish/rescind policy University-wide in areas not reserved for Council or Academic Senate
(iii) Amend policy and establish/rescind/amend procedures University-wide
(iv) Minor amendments to Council Handbook
(v) Establish policy/procedure principles in selected areas reserved for Council  
Act 5 (2) (d) and Policy Development, Approval and Review Policy incl Schedule A Schedule B  (i) Academic Senate
(ii) and (iii) Vice-Chancellor
as per policy
Schedule A 
(iii) Members of the senior executive in area of responsibility as per policy Schedule B

(iv) Secretary to Council
as per policy Schedule B  
Approve the Internal Audit Plan  Act 5(2)(e)
Audit Committee terms of reference 
Appoint and revoke the appointment of ‘Authorised Persons’ for the purposes of clause 20 of the Act and the By-laws  Act 20(4)(4b) -Council 2/14 Minute 11  Senior Vice-President  MAY NOT BE SUB-DELEGATED 
Grant permission for consumption of alcohol on campus etc  Act 20 (4) (j) (k); By-laws clause 22;  Alcohol on Campus Rules  Senior Vice-President, Dean of Flinders Housing and General Manager, Flinders Campus and Community Services  MAY NOT BE SUB-DELEGATED 
University structure      
Academic and administrative structure –
(i) establish departments within faculties and schools; and
(ii) establish administrative structure; and
(iii) establish new faculties and schools, and approve changes in the academic organisation or name of faculties and schools 
Act 5 (2)(g)
Procedures for Approval and Promulgation of Changes to Organisational Structure or Names – Flinders University 
(i) Vice-Chancellor
(ii) Vice-Chancellor, senior executive and Executive Deans as per Procedures
Approve the establishment or disestablishment of research and teaching centres and institutes Act 5 (2)(g) Policy on Flinders University Institutes and Centres Academic Senate  

In the event that the subject of a delegation may not be identified above, please refer to the relevant policy in the University’s official manual of policies or contact Policy and Secretariat for advice.