In accordance with clause 19A of the University Act the Council has approved a range of delegations of authority which empower specified University officers or committees to undertake certain responsibilities.

Delegations of authority are generally specific in nature and most are identified in the University's Statutes, By-laws or policies, and/or within the terms of reference of University committees.

The primary responsibilities and authorities delegated to Council standing committees and senior officers of the University are summarised in the following table.

Subject of delegation  Authorisation reference  Authorised officer/s or committee/board
Academic and student matters    
Admission to Degrees in absentia  Council, pursuant to Statute 7.7, at Council meeting 3/14, minute 11 Vice-Chancellor, on advice of the Graduation Office and the relevant faculty 

Awards of recognition

(i) naming of a grant, fellowship, personal Chair or academic post, Centre or Institute 

(ii) staff awards and prizes, naming of lectures and items of equipment and award of the title Emeritus Professor


Policy on Recognition of Service, Donation, Significant Contribution or Personal Achievement

Rules for the award of title Emeritus Professor and the guidelines adopted by the Awards Committee (Council, 27 May 1999)  

(i)  Academic Senate

(ii)  Vice-Chancellor

Course documentation (new/amended) and Rules governing academic awards – approval    

Course and Topic Development, Approval and Management Policy 

Academic Senate and delegates as set out in Schedule A to the Policy  

Individual students -

(i) approval of matters which are formally the responsibility of the Academic Senate and which are not the subject of previous delegations to faculties or other senior officers

(ii) consider applications for re-admission to a course or re-enrolment in a topic

(i) Academic Senate meeting 3/97, minute 7.1

(ii)  Handling a Matter under Statute 6.4: Student Conduct, clause 8 (Council 4/13, minute 10)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Student awards and prizes

(i) Determine an award for academic excellence

(ii)  Establish/rescind/amend the rules for a student prize or scholarship 

(i)  Awards for Academic Excellence 

(ii)  Policy on Prizes and Scholarships

(i)  Academic Senate;

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

- University Medal

- (as an individual student matter - see above);

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

- VC's prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence 

(ii)  Vice-Chancellor or nominees as identified in the Schedule to the Policy

Withdrawal of offer Statute 6.1 Admission Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 
Contractual/legal matters     
Agreements/ Contracts and limited Power of Attorney in relation to leases or licences of property, signing of  

Policy on Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts

Refer to Appendix A of the Policy  
Common Seal -  affixing  Statute 1.1 The Common Seal 

1.  Signatories - Officers and Council members as set out in Statute 1.1 

2.  Affixing officer - Secretary to the Council or Council Secretary (approved VC 25/2/11)

Intellectual property - decision to exercise right of ownership Intellectual Property policy, clause 5.2 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Financial matters     
Capital infrastructure budget (CIP) amendment 

Council meeting 6/10, minute 32


Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice-President
Debts write-off  Policy on Management of Outstanding Debt, clause 1.3 Finance and Investment Committee and officers as set out in clause 1.3 of the Policy
Expenditure  Policy on the Authorisation of University Expenditure.  Officers as set out in the Schedule of Expenditure Authorisations 
Investment (i) allocation of long term pool funds amongst investment managers; (ii) appointment/termination of appointment of investment managers; (iii) instruct fund managers and authorise short term investments Investment policy

(i)&(ii) Finance and Investment Committee

(iii) Vice-Chancellor in association with other authorised staff as identified in clause 2.14 and 3.6 of policy 

Governance and risk    
Alcohol on Campus permission  Council, pursuant to clause 22 of the By-laws and Alcohol on Campus Rules
Officers as identified on the liquor permit application form
Authorised Persons for the purpose of section 20 of the Act and the By-Laws - appointment and revocation of appointment Council meeting 2/14 minute 11 Senior Vice-President
Insignia/Logo of the University, use of  Statute 1.2 and Vice-Chancellor approved Policy on Brand Responsibilities
Secretary of the Council and Director (or nominee), Marketing and Communications Office
Internal Audit Plan - approval Audit Committee charter  Audit Committee 

Organisational structure:

(i) teaching and research institutes and centres

(ii) 'departments' within Schools

(iii) administrative structure

Policy on Flinders University Institutes and Centres, clause 4.1

Procedures for Approval and Promulgation of changes to Organisational Structure or Names, clause 3

(i) Academic Senate

(ii)  Vice-Chancellor

(iii) Vice-Chancellor, senior executive and Executive Deans as per policy 

Policy approval  Policy Development, Approval and Review Policy  Officers as set out in Schedule A and Schedule B to the Policy 
Staffing matters    
Appointment of Executive Dean/Deputy and acting Executive Dean Statute 4.3 The Faculties Vice-Chancellor 
Appointment of University staff to external boards and committees Council meeting 6/12, minute item 19 Vice-Chancellor (except appointments to subsidiaries, joint ventures and similar entities which are reserved for Council approval)
Chancellor, acting for Statute 2.2 The Deputy Chancellors Deputy Chancellors
Travel, approval Travel, Accommodation and Subsistence Policy, clause 4  Vice-Chancellor, Cost Centre Heads and Deans of School as per Policy 
Vice-Chancellor -  acting for 

Statute 2.3 The Vice-Chancellor Refer to Clause 6

Any member of the senior executive as authorised from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor

In the event that the subject of a delegation may not be identified above, please refer to the relevant policy in the University’s official manual of policies or contact Policy and Secretariat for advice.