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Course Approval

Course Approval Process

New courses and significant changes to existing courses must be developed in accordance with the standards and procedures specified in the Policy on Course and Topic Development, Approval and Management In addition, course proposals relating to:

The process of approval is summarised in the table below. Information about the Committees referred to in the table, including contact details for Secretaries, can be found at the University's Committee Website.

Stages of the approval process




Faculty Board

A course proposal must first be submitted for approval to the Faculty Board (or nominated Faculty committee) on the appropriate forms:

new course approval form,
significant change form

If courses are to be entered in (or removed from) the SATAC Guide (undergraduate), and the Undergraduate Course Guide for next year's intake, the proposal will need to be considered by the Faculty Board in time for submission to Academic Senate in March. (These guides are released each July.) The Postgraduate Course Guide is released a month later. Secretary of relevant Faculty Committee (eg Courses and Curriculum Committee)
Please refer to Faculty General Manager (or nominee) for faculty-specific procedures.

Secretary Academic Senate

Following Faculty approval forms are submitted to the Secretary Academic Senate who checks the documentation. Where further information is required, the Secretary will contact the Faculty Office.



Vice-Chancellor's Committee

The Secretary Academic Senate submits the documentation to the Vice-Chancellor's Committee, which considers the strategic implications of the proposal. Secretary, VCC advises Secretary Academic Senate; Chair Academic Senate; Faculty; of proposals approved or otherwise at VCC.


VCC meeting dates  

Academic Senate

If endorsed by the VCC, the course proposal, incorporating any required alterations, is submitted to the Academic Senate for approval in principle. Once approved by Academic Senate, courses can be advertised and included in (or removed from)the SATAC Guide (for courses that admit students through SATAC), the Undergraduate Course Guide, the Postgraduate Course Guide and the Course Rules web site at: www.flinders.edu.au/rules.  

Curriculum and Fee Approval

Following approval by the Academic Senate, the course is then reviewed, as required, by the Course Reference Group.
Where necessary fee matters will be considered by the Fee Monitoring and Advisory Committee.


Secretary Academic Senate
Secretary Fee Monitoring and Advisory Committee

Executive Dean

The documentation, including the draft Rule for the course, is then finalised by Faculty Executive Dean (or nominee), taking into account recommendations from the Course Reference Group, before submission for inclusion on the Course Rules web site at: www.flinders.edu.au/rules.   Faculty Office

Publications Officer

The course description and rule are edited for publication for inclusion on the Course Rules web site at: www.flinders.edu.au/rules. This includes approval of the Course Rule by the Vice-Chancellor or nominee, on advice of the Director Academic and Student Services. No later than the third Friday in July, and preferably earlier. Marketing and Communications Officer
Ms Vicki Kendall, Marketing & Communications Office


The Secretary Academic Senate forwards the names of new courses, changes to course names and discontinuation of courses to the Council Secretary of Council for Council approval and recording on the Council Register of Degrees, Diplomas and Other Academic Awards.   Council Secretary

Queries and comments to: melinda.pike@flinders.edu.au