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Guidelines for Flinders University Business Plan Competition

The Flinders University Business Plan Competition was established in 2008. The Competition was established to recognise and reward Flinders University students who develop high-quality business plans through selected Flinders University (advanced undergraduate) topics.


  • To recognise and reward Flinders University students who develop high-quality business plans through selected Flinders University topics.
  • To enhance a business orientation among Flinders University staff and students.
  • To nurture and develop the University's engagement and collaboration with key external organisations in the business sector.
  • To enhance the reputation of Flinders University for its business orientation and for its engagement and collaboration with external stakeholders in the business community.


Students eligible to participate in the competition will be enrolled, in the year of competition, in topics endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Eligible topics will normally be all undergraduate topics that include, as part of the standard assessment for the topic, the development of a business plan by a team of students. In addition, topics offered to postgraduate students which include as part of the standard assessment the development of a business plan by a team of students will also be eligible where the level of experience of the students and the extent of the scope of the business plan formulation activity in these topics is at levels similar to that of eligible undergraduate topics.


Nominating for the Competition

The Flinders University Business Plan Competition will be conducted annually.

Each team of students preparing a business plan through eligible topics will be invited by the topic coordinator to nominate their business plan for participation in the competition. In nominating, at least one member of each nominating team must agree to be available to make a 10-minute public presentation of their business plan in early December at the final judging event (normally a dinner) should the team's Business Plan be successful in making the Final.

Short-listing of Teams for the Competition

The topic coordinator will determine the team or teams of students to be short-listed for the competition, from amongst those who have self-nominated, that have produced the most outstanding business plan(s) in that topic for the current year. These teams must, through the topic coordinator, make their business plan available to the final judging panel by a specified date.

The number of teams (ie business plans) eligible to be nominated for short-listing for the final from each topic will depend upon the total number of students enrolled in a topic (or the total number enrolled in a combined class where a postgraduate topic is being taught concurrently with an undergraduate topic). Normally one business plan is eligible for short-listing for each 25 students (or significant proportion there-of) enrolled in a topic or combined class. In addition, however, each topic coordinator is eligible to nominate one further business plan from their topic for short-listing, beyond the number eligible according to total student numbers, if they believe that there is another plan which is of an exceptionally high standard and which consequently merits short-listing.

Judging Panel and Final Competition Event

A final judging panel comprising three assessors (usually external to the University), nominated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), will meet to assess the short-listed written business plans and will select at their discretion a number of plans to go forward to the final competition event, normally a dinner, at which each finalist team will be required to give an oral presentation in support of their business plan. It is expected that normally four or five teams will qualify for the final, with each participating topic normally being represented by at least one business plan.

The competition final will be held after Semester 2 each year, normally in early December.

The overall winner of the Flinders University Business Plan Competition will be determined by the final judging panel based on the assessed merits of the submitted written business plan (75% weighting) and of the presentation during the competition final event (25% weighting).

Judging Criteria

The winning team will be determined according to the following criteria:

  • the quality of the business idea underlying the proposed business;
  • the quality of the business plan; and
  • the quality of the presentation given by the finalist teams.

Competition Prizes

The prizes to be awarded within the competition will be at the discretion of the university and may vary from year to year.

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the winning team, as determined by the judging panel.
  • Members of the winning team will also each receive a trophy.
  • A prize of $500 will be awarded as the 'People's Choice Award'. This prize will recognise the team which gave the best and most convincing presentation at the 'competition final' stage (ie at the competition dinner) and will be voted on by members of the audience not associated with those participating in the competition. (Those ineligible to vote includes participating students, their guests, topic and course coordinators, executive deans and any other person deemed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to be closely associated with the participants.)
  • Prizes of $250 will be awarded to each team of students whose business plan was selected to participate in the competition final (ie the Awards dinner at which the winners are announced).
  • All members of all teams selected to participate in the competition final will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment.
  • Team members should note that all monetary prizes will be divided equally amongst all team members and will be mailed to recipients after the competition dinner.

List of recipients

Overall winner:
"Warrego" - Sam Aleer, Allan Bond, Amy Koschella, Leh Yieng Ling, Daniel Thomson, Poe Ee Wong in topic BTEC4630 Enterprise Management.
Short-listed prize recipients:
"Canoe the Coorong" - Brenton Carle, Caitlin Carlier, Yiran Chen, Jenna Christmas, James Forwood, Dawn Gee, Yunchan Li, Li Xian Ng, Jessica North, Hannah Salib-Brown - in topic PROF2102 Business Planning for Projects.
"EndoTECH" - Kristen Burdon, Jacob Collins, Daniel Loveridge, Madeline Willoughby, Zhenyu Xu - in topic BUSN2006 Enterprise Management.
"Microboe Check" - Simon Gale, Andrea Kunnikorn, Eli Moore, Dane Noble, Alisa Semlimovic, Elyse Smith, Haleh Wates - in topic BUSN2016 Science-Based Enterprises.
"Warrego" - Sam Aleer, Allan Bond, Amy Koschella, Leh Yieng Ling, Daniel Thomson, Poe Ee Wong in topic BTEC4630 Enterprise Management.

Overall winner:
"OzBiosolutions" - James Cooney, Su Ting Lee, Harsha Vardhan Raja, Tim Searcy, Roshni Thattengat, Eleni Topkas.
Short-listed prize recipients:
"Guaranteed Catch" - Yumiko Miyashiro, Katherine Noack, Felicity Paparella, Kylie Willmott.
"Sustainable Corals" - Richard Anderson, James Astley, Robert Barron, Hayden Carter, Louise Kirk.
"Lost World Expeditions" - Jitesh Chakma, Elise Gordon, Tone Karin Flolo, Nobu Fujiwara, Rachael De Tuillio.

Overall winner:
"Almeria" - Alex Cavallaro, Amanda Drilling, Alysha Sandercock, Katherine Scaffidi, Adam Truskewycz, Wynand van den Berg.
Short-listed prize recipients:
"Adelaide Hauntings" - Natalie Allen, Carey Burke, Tess Magier, Sophie Schioldann, Kate Sellar.
"TabVax" - Narelle Burke, Jared Chin, Wen-Jie Goh, Chloe Lang, Baden Letts, Kian Chye Ong, Nicholas Rudgley, Li Jing Seow, Garry Truong.
"Ecocrumb" - Nicholas Alvino, Alice Barchi, George Giatas, Wai Kuen Li, Moritaka Shimabukuro, Si Yi, Qi Yu.

Overall winner:
"TurboNitro" - Shannon Davey, Wilson Diep, Klara Salinger, Michael Webber, Imogen White
Short-listed prize recipients:
"SA Sport and Health Interpretation Centre" - Gyuseok (James) Seo, Zara-Louise Stavrakis, Melodee Trebilcock
"Jet Adventures" - Kaitlyn Bradey, Bradley Fay, Zhan (William) Li, Jose Salveron, Jayden Smith
"Adelaide Theatrical Bus Tours" - Kerryn Elsdon, Stellios Ketses, Leonie Mann
People's choice winner: Jet Adventures

December 2011