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Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Early Career Researchers


Approving Authority:


Establishment Date:

11 November 2009

Date Last Amendment:

March 2011

Nature of Amendment:

Amendment to clauses 5 and 7

Date Last Reviewed:

March 2011

Responsible Officer:

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)


The Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Early Career Researchers recognises and values the outstanding contributions of individual Early Career Researchers to the University. These awards will recognise, reward and encourage excellence in research across all Faculties.


The granting of an award shall be approved by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Early Career Researcher Awards Committee. The Committee will comprise the Vice-Chancellor (or nominee), as Chair, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), two Executive Deans (rotating each year, one representing the Faculties of Health Sciences and Science and Engineering and one representing the Faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences and Education, Humanities and Law).


Up to ten awards can be made each year. Each award is valued at $2,500, and should fund opportunities to broaden the recipient's networks and enhance their standing and recognition.


Each award shall be presented to the recipient at an appropriate ceremony.


Recipients of the award will receive a certificate and $2,500. The award will be conferred as a significant honour.


Eligibility for the Awards


At the time of the nomination, nominees for the award must:

    (a) be current research/academic staff or hold academic status of the University; and

(b) have been awarded a PhD within the previous five years or, where there has been significant career interruption for maternity or parental leave, carer's responsibility, illness, international post doctoral studies, or non-research employment, have been awarded a PhD within the previous eight years.


Previous recipients are not eligible for a further award.




7.1   The award will be conferred in recognition of research/academic achievements shown by track record and/or potential, demonstrated by:
•   Specific research achievements
•   Publication record (includes assessment of ERA journal ranking, citation index and impact factors. Research article/books that are in-press will be considered but not those that are in-preparation or submitted. Book reviews and quality of book publishers will also be evaluated.)
•   Awards or prizes;
•   Positions gained;
•   Grants obtained, with income;
•   Patents held.




8.1   Each year the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Research), in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, will invite Executive Deans of the University to support nominations for the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Early Career Researchers.


8.2   Nominations will be made on the standard form. The nomination form must bear the signature of the nominator, one supporter and the nominee's supervisor.


8.3   All nominations will be referred to the Committee for consideration.


8.4   The Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Committee, will approve the wording of the Certificate for the award.