Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Contractor Safety Policy

Establishment:Vice-Chancellor, 12 July 2007
Last Amended: EDA, January 2011
Nature of Amendment:

Consequential amendments arising from a restructure of Central Administration/VC's office and the creation of new senior executive positions replacing the EDA and Registrar

Date Last Reviewed: 1 January 2011 
Responsible Officer:Director, Buildings & Property Division


1.  Policy

2.  Scope

3.  Definitions

4.  Responsibility for Implementation


1.  Policy     

Flinders University is committed to preventing injuries to all persons on its premises.

This policy sets a framework to ensure that all contractors and their sub-contractors and employees are provided with a safe working environment and that they work in ways that will maintain that safe environment.

The University has established this Contractor Safety Policy, a Guide for the Engagement and Management of Contractors and a Contractor Induction Program, to assist in providing a safe working environment for contractors, sub-contractors and all persons present at the workplace.


2.  Scope

This policy covers contractors who are engaged to carry out work at or on sites owned and/or controlled by Flinders University.


3.  Definitions

Signed contract including relevant contract documents, purchase order or verbal instruction to undertake specific tasks. 
Contractor Person, partnership or company engaged under a contract to carry out work at the University, including all contractor employees and sub-contractors.  
Contractor Induction Program 
The type of induction required is determined on a risk assessment basis. Contractors must undertake an induction program
General OHSWA Requirements
All contracts for work undertaken in or on University controlled areas will include a general statement covering the OHSWA requirements to be met by the contractor.  
Any item or situation with the potential to cause harm to people.
An unplanned event that causes or could have caused injury.  
Major Cost Centre Heads The Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Dean of each Faculty.
Permits to Work 
University Permits to Work for Hot Work, Confined Spaces, Working at Heights, Excavation and Service (eg electricity, gas, water, telephone, data) Isolation, Asbestos Removal, that must be completed and approved by Buildings & Property staff prior to work of that type commencing on site.
Responsible Person
The University staff member responsible for arranging contracts for work or service of equipment. 
The potential likelihood and consequence of a hazard causing injury or damage.
Job Safety Analysis 

A documented description of the work to be carried out, listing the steps involved in carrying out the work, identifying the potential hazards for each step and listing the controls to be implemented for the identified potential hazards.

The contractor shall, where necessary, prepare a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for the work to be carried out.

Safety Management Plan 
Document provided by the contractor detailing the OHSWA policy of the contractor and JSA's for a particular contract.  
Supervisor A person whose work includes providing instruction or guidance to another person when carrying out work for or on behalf of the University.  
The Flinders University of South Australia.  
Any building or lands on, above or below ground owned, leased, rented or used by the University.

4.  Responsibility for Implementation

•  Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor as "Responsible Officer" under the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act 1986 (OHSWA), is ultimately responsible for ensuring the University meets its obligations in the area of contractor safety.

In accordance with the University Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Policy, the Vice-Chancellor shall ensure that the University has in place a policy and procedures to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment for all contractors. Further the Vice Chancellor shall ensure the safe implementation of projects undertaken within the University by contractors, and provision of appropriate resources, both human and financial, to meet legislative requirements and policy objectives.

•  Major Cost Centre Heads

The Major Cost Centre Heads have overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all persons in their Cost Centre controlled areas. They will ensure that the University's OHSW Policy is implemented and resources are allocated to achieve objectives of the Policy. They will ensure that managers and supervisors in their Cost Centre assist Responsible Persons in identifying hazards that may pose risks to contractors working within the areas under their control.

•  University Supervisors  

University staff, who are supervisors, have responsibility for implementation of this policy at the operational level.

Where site-specific hazards exist the supervisor will inform contractors and the Responsible Person of those potential hazards and associated risk.

•  University Staff  

Staff have a responsibility to work safely, taking reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and that of other persons. They shall ensure the effectiveness of the University's actions carried out for occupational health and safety purposes.

•  Responsible Person

The Responsible Person who engages contractors to carry out work shall,

  • Select contractors on the basis of their commitment and competence in OHSW issues as well as their suitability for carrying out the required work;
  • Provide contractors with information about potential hazards of the environment in which they will work to enable them to determine an appropriate safe system of work;
  • Ensure that contractors are in possession of all necessary University Permits to Work and all other required permits, licences, insurance documents and Material Safety Data Sheets;
  • Ensure that the contractor has undertaken the University Contractor Induction;
  • Ensure that communication channels are established between the relevant University staff and contractor(s);
  • Monitor contractor performance and ensure that work on University premises or controlled areas is carried out in a safe manner;
  • Ensure any incidents that occur are reported to the OHS Unit.

•  OHS Unit

The OHS Unit will provide advice on contractor safety issues and may:

  • participate in investigations of incidents, which occur;
  • assist in the Hazard Management process on work systems, equipment and/or substances brought onto a University site.

•  Contractor

All contractors are required to complete the relevant University Contractor Induction and to comply with University OHSW Policy whilst carrying out their work or whilst present on University premises or controlled areas.

All contractors will be obliged to follow such policies and procedures as the University requires and, as with University staff, to meet all relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice as a minimum standard. They must not, through their acts or omissions, do anything that will put at risk their own health or safety or that of other persons.

Contractors must be in possession of all current necessary regulatory permits, registrations and insurance required to perform the works and must provide copies of these documents to the Responsible Person.

Where specific University Permits of Work are required the contractors must be in possession of the approved Permits before commencing work of that type.

Contractors shall, at all times, wear on their person in a clearly visible location the University Contractor Pass.