Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Convening Conferences Policy

Establishment:Vice-Chancellor, 8 May 2012
Last Amended: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), 16 August 2012
Nature of Amendment:
Amended to include the word conference where the word event appears and to indicate that such conferences must be of national or international significance
Date Last Reviewed:
Responsible Officer:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

1.  Preamble

The University acknowledges that the academic or scholarly work or professional standing of a staff member may involve them, from time to time, in the organisation of significant academic conferences, symposia, seminars and other such large professional meetings. When convening such conferences and events, staff members have a responsibility to manage the outcomes and University’s risk exposure by:

  • operating within University policies;
  • not committing University funds or using any University resources, including their own time, without prior approval;
  • not entering into any contracts on behalf of the University without delegated authority in accordance with the Policy on Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts; and
  • seeking advice and support from within the University, where appropriate.


2.  Scope

The conferences and events covered by this policy include those in which University facilities, funds or resources (including staff time) are used and/or which are endorsed by or held in the name of the University and may include conferences and events convened by staff on behalf of and in the name of external organisations (e.g., as part of an organising committee). Such events might include significant national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, public lectures and related activities to which persons from outside the University may be invited, either as participants or as audience members.

This policy does not provide for events where the University’s only involvement is through the rental of its facilities.


3.  Policy

3.1  All significant national and international conferences and events to be convened in the name of the University or by Flinders staff on behalf of and in the name of an external organisation must be approved by the relevant cost centre manager(s) [Executive Dean, Vice-President, Deputy or Pro Vice-Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor], with due regard to management of potential financial or reputational risk and the capacity of the event organisers to manage the event appropriately.

3.2  All conferences and events that are undertaken in the name of the University must be appropriately branded on the advice of the Office of Communication and Engagement.

3.3  Resourcing of conferences and events convened in the name of the University is expected to be met by the cost centre responsible for overseeing the event, except where a case is made that the scope of the event is of wider University significance, in which case application may be made by the relevant cost centre manager(s) for matching funding support to the Vice-Chancellor or a Deputy Vice-Chancellor, as appropriate.

3.4  Requests for approval in accordance with clause 3.1 and any request for funding support in accordance with clause 3.3 should be accompanied by sufficient details about the conference and/or event, including an appropriate business case, in accordance with Guidelines for Conference and Event Management.

3.5  Each year the Vice-Chancellor, on the advice of the Executive Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications will approve a list of conference and events for receipt of University funding support, including the support of the Office of Communication and Engagement; which are properly resourced and based on appropriate business cases.

3.6  Following the conclusion of the conference and/or event, the convenor(s) must submit a report on the outcomes of the conferences and/or event to the approving officer, including, as appropriate, a budget acquittal, the level of participation in the event and an indication of how well the aims and objectives of the event were achieved.

3.7  If a staff member’s involvement in convening a conference and/or event is likely to interfere with his or her normal University duties, formal supervisor's approval for the activity must be sought.  The provisions of the Policy on Outside Professional Activities may also apply depending on the nature of the conference and/or event.