FROM  1 JULY 2017

We are currently in the process of redesigning all of the University’s policies and procedures.

As this is a staged process that will take place over this year, some terminology in our existing policies and procedures will be out of date when College operations commence on 1 July.

The Policy and Approvals Translation Guide provides guidance for the interpretation of policies, forms and approval requirements from 1 July (eg where policy refers to “Faculty” or “School”, read “College”).

If you encounter a reference to a role or organisational body that no longer exists from 1 July please use the Policy and Approvals Translation Guide to assist you in determining the new role applicable for that policy or procedure.



Policy development and approval principles and guidelines

Editing rules


The PPM is the repository for documents produced by the University that define and control its activities and include:

  1. Policies and procedures with University-wide application, which have been formally approved, either:
  2. Guidelines related to formally approved policy/procedure, as above, as approved by the relevant senior officer (distinguishable from management guidelines – see definitions); and

  3. Other documents as determined from time to time.

Faculty policies, guidelines or procedures are not included, nor are those which apply only to staff within a certain organisational unit.


A Policy may be defined as a formal statement of principles or standards that governs decision-making and the way members of the University community conduct the activities of the University. The role of Policy is to:

  • ensure compliance with legal and statutory responsibilities;
  • set standards and mandate behaviour; and
  • improve the management of risk.

Procedures mandate operational activities and assign responsibilities.

Procedures step through the practical actions required to support the implementation of Policy Principles, or to assist the University's operations and compliance with external requirements. Procedures may apply to a specific activity of the University or be of more general application.

Guidelines that are related to policy, including Checklists, provide additional detail and context on aspects of a University policy. They may recommend particular practices or processes, or provide illustrative examples of the exercise of judgement in accord with a University policy, or list matters which might be taken into account in carrying out a University activity. Unlike policies or procedures, they are not mandatory. Guidance documents are subordinate to, and do not substitute for, policies and procedures.

Management guidelines may be issued from time to time by senior officers of the University in accordance with their responsibilities and will be located on the relevant Faculty/Division website, not the PPM.

Responsible Officer means the person responsible for a policy or procedure, its development, review and promulgation. The Responsible Officer will normally be at Director level, or above.