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Companion of the University

Approving Authority:


Establishment Date:

23 August 1996

Date Last Amendment:

October 2010

Nature of Amendment:

Consequential amendments arising from a restructure of Central Administration/VC's office and the creation of new senior executive positions replacing the EDA and Registrar

Date Last Reviewed:


Responsible Officer:

Secretary of the Council

The award of Companion of the University provides for the University to recognise in a public way the contributions of persons to the University and/or the community. In some instances Council may acknowledge the contribution of an organisation by the recognition of its chairperson, president or secretary.


The contribution will be in the form of conspicuous continued involvement in:


promotion of the academic purposes of the University or facilitation of those purposes in any particular activity of the University;


fostering the links between the University and other institutions within and without Australia;


representation of the University's needs for resources for its growth and diversification and supply of such resources; or


other activities identified by Council on the recommendation of the Awards Committee or the Academic Senate as significant in the development or promotion of the community and/or the University.

Members of Council and other officers of the University and its employees are not eligible for the award until after retirement.


  • To be admitted as a Companion at a graduation ceremony and to be presented with a testamur.
  • To wear the academic dress of Companion of the University on ceremonial occasions.

  • To receive copies of University news publications, the Annual Report and such other publications determined from time to time.

  • To use the post-nominal abbreviation C.Univ (Flinders).

  • To attend University dinners and functions at the invitation of the Chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor.

  • To receive other privileges, on approval by the Vice-Chancellor.



Members of the Awards Committee, the Vice-Presidents, the Librarian and the Deputy Vice-Chancellors will be invited each year (normally prior to the October meeting of Council), to submit, in confidence, nominations for the award of the Title of Companion of the University. They will be advised of the Rules that apply in respect of the award. Members will be reminded that awards are a significant honour and will be made only rarely, and may not be made every year.


All nominations will be referred to the Vice-Chancellor in the first instance, for preliminary consideration by the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor, and for referral, as appropriate, to the Awards Committee for endorsement, and to Council for approval.


Where the proposed nominee is a former staff member or student of the University, the Executive Dean of the relevant Faculty will be consulted about the proposal prior to its referral to the Awards Committee.


Nominations will include a clear statement of a nominee's attainment, position and relation to the University, with particular reference to the criteria listed above.