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Convocation Medal

Approving Authority:


Establishment Date:


Date Last Amendment:

October 2010

Nature of Amendment:

Consequential amendments arising from a restructure of Central Administration/VC's office and the creation of new senior executive positions replacing the EDA and Registrar

Date Last Reviewed:

September 2001

Responsible Officer:

Director, Marketing and Communications Office

In 1991, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the University, Convocation established the Convocation Medal. The award of the medal is regarded as a signal honour. A silver medal and scroll are generally presented at the Investigator Lecture each year.

Selection Criteria


Nominees must be members of Convocation (ie graduates of Flinders University).


The Nominator must provide evidence that the Nominee has made a substantial and outstanding contribution to the local, national and/or international community through one or more of (a), (b), (c) and (d).

(a) leadership in their field or profession

(b) the advancement of knowledge

(c) the advancement of professional practice

(d) community service


The Convocation Medal will not normally be awarded to a recipient of another University honour or someone who would more appropriately be considered for such an award (eg. the Distiguished Service Award, Honorary Degree, Emeritus Professorship) unless the nominee has made a significant further or separate contribution as a graduate which merits such recognition, in accordance with the criteria in (2) above.

Procedures for the Award of the Convocation Medal


A three member Selection Committee will be appointed by the Alumni Association Committee on the basis of a joint recommendation by the Chancellor and the President of the Alumni Association and Convocation.

(a) At least one member will be a member of the Alumni Association Committee.

(b) The Selection Committee will include male and female members.


Members will be appointed for a three year term and will be eligible for reappointment.


The Head, Alumni and Community Relations will arrange for nominations to be called, and for notices about the call for nominations to be placed in relevant publications, at least three months before the closing date.


Nominations will be submitted in confidence to the Head, Alumni and Community Relations, who will arrange for the Selection Committee to consider them.


The Selection Committee will evaluate the applications in accordance with the Convocation Medal Selection Criteria, and submit a report and recommendations to the Alumni Association Committee for its approval, at least six weeks before the Investigator Lecture. One or more medals may be awarded in any one year, or the Committee may recommend that no award is to be made.


The Head, Alumni and Community Relations will inform the Vice Chancellor of the name of the successful nominee/s before a public announcement is made.


The design of the Convocation Medal and Scroll will be subject to approval by the President of the Alumni Association and Convocation.


Once a selection has been made, the Head, Alumni and Community Relations will arrange for a medal and scroll to be prepared, for presentation to the medallist/s, normally at the annual Investigator Lecture.