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Policy Development, Approval and Review Policy


Approving Authority:


Establishment Date:

11 November 2009

Date Last Amended:

26 October 2011

Nature of Amendment:

Change the officer sub-authorised to approve policies and procedures from Vice-President (Strategic Finance & Resources) to a Vice-President, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor, approved by the Acting VC under delegated authority

Date Last Reviewed:


Responsible Officer:

Secretary of the Council

Schedule B to the Policy: Authority to Approve University Policy and Procedures

The Vice-Chancellor has sub-authorised his/her authority to approve University policy and procedures to officers, as listed :
Officer Scope of Sub-authorisation
A Vice-President, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor 1. Policies relating to general administrative functions
Minor amendments to all University wide policies which do not alter or affect the substance, meaning or intent of the policy or the authorities or responsibilities specified within the policy (e.g. changes in terminology, format or other editorial changes)
3. All University wide procedures, including procedural elements of University wide policies.