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Policy Development, Approval and Review Policy


Approving Authority:


Establishment Date:

13 August 2009

Date Last Amended:

13 October 2010

Nature of Amendment:

Amendment to clause 6.3 and new clause 4.6 to clarify the procedures, approved by EDA under delegated authority.

Date Last Reviewed:


Publication Reference:

Responsible Officer:

Secretary of the Council



1.1 This policy specifies the requirements for the approval, development and review of University-wide policy and procedures at Flinders University.



2.1 Policy – a formal statement of intent that mandates principles or standards that apply to the University’s governance or operations or to the practice and conduct of its staff and students.
2.2 Procedures – a formal statement that mandates or prescribes the actions or processes required to ensure the implementation of policy or efficient management of the University’s operations, or legal or other regulatory compliance.
2.3 Responsible officer – a senior member of staff in whose area of responsibility a policy or procedure resides.


Legislative context

3.1 In accordance with the Flinders University of South Australia Act, 1966 (the ‘Act’), Council has as one of its primary responsibilities the establishment of policy and procedural principles, consistent with legal requirements and community expectations.
3.2 Section 19A of the Act provides that Council may delegate this power to any officer, employee, board or committee of the University.


Authority to approve University policy and procedures

4.1 Council may at its discretion delegate to standing committees or to the Vice-Chancellor authority to approve University policy and procedures.
4.2 Authorisations made in accordance with this Policy are set out in Schedule A. This Schedule also sets out the policy areas for which approval authority has not been delegated. Amendments to this Schedule are subject to Council approval.
4.3 The Vice-Chancellor may sub-authorise his or her authority to approve University policy and procedures to another officer of the University. A record of sub-authorisations made in accordance with this Policy will be set out Schedule B attached to this Policy.
4.4 An officer holding an authorisation from the Vice-Chancellor will at all times be subject to the direction and authority of the Vice-Chancellor and will be required to act within the limits of the scope of the Vice-Chancellor’s delegation from Council.
4.5 Delegates must bring to the attention of the approving authority any policy or procedure which:
• is capable of affecting the governance and strategic direction of the University in a significant way; or
• involves significant budgetary or resource commitment, including staff time; or
• is capable of adversely affecting the reputation of the University or of bringing the activities of the University under negative public scrutiny.

In accordance with Procedures for Approving, Gazetting and Publishing University wide Policies and Procedures, proposals for approval of new and amended policies and procedures must be forwarded to Policy and Secretariat in the first instance for submission to the appropriate approval authority.


Development and review of policies and procedures

5.1 Normally, the development of new, or review of existing, University-wide policies and procedures will be sponsored by a member of the University’s senior executive.
5.2 All University-wide policies and procedures will be reviewed on a regular basis


Publication, promulgation and record keeping

6.1 Once a policy or procedure has been approved by the relevant approving authority, the Responsible Officer must ensure the approved version is published on the University’s website and promulgated to affected Faculties, divisions and units in accordance with relevant procedures.
6.2 The Committee Secretary, or the Responsible Officer, as appropriate, must ensure that the approved version of the policy or procedure, along with a record of the approval, is placed on the University’s Central Records System. The Responsible Officer will also ensure the notice of promulgation is placed on the relevant central file.
6.3 The Head, Policy and Secretariat will maintain a record of all policy approvals in a Policy Register containing the title, approving authority and approval dates.