To maintain the integrity of the PPM, Policy and Secretariat will control the web publication of all PPM documents via publication access controls within the content management system.


Appendices will form part of, and follow immediately after, the policy/procedure/guideline content. Approval information relating to appendices will be recorded in the relevant policy banner.


PPM documents will have a standard banner in the format as per the following example. The ‘Establishment’ and ‘Last Amended’ sections will follow the convention of including both the approving authority and the date of approval.

Policy Title:

Establishment:  Council, 13 March 2009

Last Amended:  Vice-President (Strategic Finance and Resources), 14 July 2011

Nature of Amendment: Consequential changes arising from a restructure of the Faculties

Date Last Reviewed:    

Responsible Officer:    Director, Human Resources


Staff with editor access to PPM documents must conform to the following formatting rules:

  1. Format every main heading in the document with Heading 2. Use Heading 3 for subheadings.
  2. Where single level numbering is used throughout the document, use the numbering format function in the Editor.
  3. Where multi-level numbering is used, use manual numbering, including 2 spaces between the number and the text. Use the indent tool in the Editor to distinguish between each hierarchy level.
  4. Add a couple of enters between each main section of the document.
  5. Where there are links to other policy documents within the content of the document, as much as possible where you can, edit the link to the new CMS policy document.



Links aid navigation between PPM documents and other areas of the University website. The following rules for navigation links will apply:  

  1. A link from an index page in the PPM must go directly to the relevant policy/procedure document.
  2. Links from PPM documents may be established to aid navigation to related information in other areas of the University website, e.g., to a division webpage for management guidelines, forms and templates, or to a Faculty website for a list of prize recipients.
  3. Links to particular PPM documents may be established on a Faculty or Division web page.


Documents that have not been named in accordance with the above Definitions, e.g., guidelines that are really procedures will be renamed by Policy and Secretariat prior to publication, if required.

Print disclaimer

Text will appear at the bottom of documents printed from the PPM to indicate that printed copies are not able to be controlled and the web URL should always be referred to for the most current version.