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Use of Vehicles on University Business

Approving Authority:

Vice-President (Strategic Finance and Resources)

Establishment Date:


Date Last Amendment:

January 2011

Nature of Amendment:

Consequential amendments arising from a restructure of Central Administration/VC's office and the creation of new senior executive positions replacing the EDA and Registrar

Date Last Reviewed:

Responsible Officer:

Director, Buildings & Property

1 Authority
2 General
3 Conditions applying to the use of University Pool Vehicles
Use of Vehicles
3.2 Undergraduate conditions of use
3.3 Limitation of driving times
3.4 Use of mobile phones while driving
3.5 Smoking not permitted
3.6 No off-road
3.7 Driver registration
4 Vehicle Booking
  4.1 How to book
4.2 Account number before collection
4.3 Priority for University business
5 Collection and return of vehicles
  5.1 Vehicles at Registry and Sturt
  5.2 Returned ready for next user
  5.3 Late return
  5.4 After hours return
6 Fuel Purchases
  6.1 Mobilcard, Mobil and Esso
  6.2 Retain receipts for reimbursement
7 Charges for pool vehicles
  7.1 Rates
  7.2 On Campus travel
8 Field trips and conferences
  8.1 Advance booking
  8.2 Regular checks
  8.3 Additional equipment
9 Parking at other Universities
  9.1 University of Adelaide
  9.2 University of South Australia
10 Parking and Infringement notices
  10.1 Driver responsible
  10.2 Receipt of infringement notices
  10.3 Corporate fee notices
  10.4 Drivers log
  11 Accidents and faults
  11.1 Reporting accidents
  11.2 Reporting faults
  11.3 Damage to pool vehicles - procedures
12 Use of Private vehicles on University business
  12.1 Local policies
  12.2 Reimbursement for use of Private vehicle
  12.3 Insurance of private vehicles
13 External self-drive services
  13.1 When to use
  13.2 How to arrange

  The Vice-President (Strategic Finance and Resources), in support of the University’s educational mission, operates a vehicle pool for use on official University business and field trips. The Vice-President (Strategic Finance and Resources) delegates the operation of the vehicle pool to the Manager Services and Security.
  The pool comprises small and large station wagons/sedans, utilities, minibuses, all wheel drive, four-wheel drive vehicles and covered trailers.

The Transport Office is located in the Services Office Room 011 the Registry. Most of the pool vehicles are located at the rear of the Registry, but a number of vehicles are located at the north side of the Sturt Buildings to service the needs of Sturt based staff.

Most vehicles are fitted with tow bars. The on site requirements of the University’s Maintenance, Grounds, Security and Services Sections are served by a separate pool of vehicles.
  3.1 Vehicles are available for use for official business and the business of bodies associated to the University. Associated Bodies will be responsible for any insurance excess resulting from an accident. Vehicle use will normally be restricted to staff members and to post-graduate students.
3.2 Undergraduate students are not normally permitted to drive University vehicles. The Manager Services and Security may approve use of University vehicles by student drivers in certain circumstances which may include:
(1) The need to travel in relation to the completion of their course where it is not appropriate for a staff member to accompany them;
(2) To drive vehicles on field trips where it is not possible/practical for a staff member to drive;
(3) Student groups may be given permission to use university vehicles to attend student conferences, sporting and other events. Student bodies will be responsible for any insurance excess payable resulting from an accident.
3.3 Limits on driving times: Drivers must not drive for more than 3 hours without a break of 20 minutes and for a total driving time of more than 8 hours per 24 hour period.
3.4 Drivers must not use mobile phones while driving unless a hands-free kit is used.
3.5 Smoking is not permitted in any University Vehicle.
3.6 With the exception of 4WD vehicles, University vehicles are not to be driven in “off road” situations.
3.7 All drivers of University pool Vehicles are required to register with the Transport Office and hold a current driver’s licence appropriate for the class of vehicle to be driven.
4 Vehicle Bookings
  4.1 Vehicle bookings may be made by phoning the Transport Office on Ext. 12015.
4.2 A University Vehicle Pool Booking Form (pads of forms available from School and Cost Centre Offices) with full details of the booking, including the account against which the use of the vehicle may be charged, must be provided to the Transport Office prior to collection of vehicle.
4.3 For the purposes of vehicle bookings, University business will take priority over Associated Bodies.
5 Collection and return of vehicles
  5.1 The keys and log book of the allocated vehicle should be collected, and a completed booking form lodged, at the Transport Office Rm. 011 of the Registry or, at Sturt, the Caretakers Room level 3 North Wing between 8am and 5pm.
5.2 Vehicles must be returned on time, clean (carwash available on Mobilcard), free of rubbish and with at least a 1/4 of a tank of fuel ready for the next booking or a service charge will be levied.
5.3 If it becomes apparent that a vehicle will not be returned on time the Transport Office must immediately be notified on 8201 2015.
5.4 Vehicles must be returned with keys and logbook completed. If the vehicle is returned after hours the vehicle should be locked and keys and logbook deposited through the after hours slot in the wall of the Transport Office or if at Sturt the slot in the wall of the Caretakers’ Office.
6 Fuel purchases.
  6.1 Fuel purchases should be made by use of the ‘Mobilcard’ supplied with the vehicle logbook at either Mobil or Esso outlets. Purchases should be recorded in the logbook and the receipts returned to the Transport Office.
6.2 If for any reason the Mobilcard can not be used to pay to for fuel, the receipts should be retained and presented to the Transport Office for reimbursement
7 Charges for Use of Pool Vehicles-
  7.1 Charges for off campus travel are as set from time to time by the Manager, Buildings and Property on a cost recovery basis.
  As a guide charges at 1/6/2004 are:
Sedans and Station Wagons 45 cents/km.
Utilities 50 cents/km.
4WD 55 cents/km.
Minibuses 60 cents/km.
Minimum charge $10
7.2 No charge is made for on campus travel.
8 Field trips and Conferences
  8.1 If the vehicle is required for a field trip or extended period of more than one day, a booking form should be submitted to the Transport Office a week in advance.
8.2 On extended journeys of several days’ duration drivers should regularly check the oil, water, tyre pressures and battery and any costs of rectification charged to the vehicle’s Mobilcard.
8.3 Additional equipment for Field Trips The following equipment is available upon request and at the discretion of the Transport Officer with five working days notice.

  • 1x20 litre water container
  • 2x20 litre fuel containers (petrol or diesel)
  • container of coolant
  • container of engine oil
  • container of brake fluid
  • steering wheel lock
  • UHF radio for Flying Doctor contact
  • First Aid kit
  • Jumper leads
  • Spare key
  • Tie-down straps
  • Adelaide street directory

    FWD vehicles suitable for extended off road field work
  • Additional spare wheel
  • Supply of other items can be arranged at the discretion of the Transport Officer and at the hirer’s expense.
    9 Parking at other universities
      9.1 University of Adelaide - Staff members who have business at the University of Adelaide may obtain a visitor’s permit from their Faculty Office. Permits for use by Central Administration staff are available from the Transport Office.
    9.2 University of South Australia- Visitor parking is not available at City East and City West campuses. At other campuses visitor parking bays are available, but the name of the driver and a contact phone number should be on display on the dashboard.
    10 Parking and traffic infringement notices
      10.1 Drivers are responsible for all parking and traffic infringement notices incurred while driving University vehicles. .
    10.2 On receipt of an infringement notice the Transport Office will determine who was the hirer at the time. The hirer will be sent a copy of the notice and given a date by which they may pay the university cashier the full amount of the expiation fee. Should the fee not be paid by that date the Transport Office will declare the hirer as the driver to the relevant Authority and the driver will then have to deal direct with the Authority.
    10.3 For Expiation Notices that attract a ‘corporate fee’ the driver in whose name the vehicle is booked will be identified to the relevant Authority. The Driver will then deal directly with the Authority.
    10.4 On journeys where there is more than one driver it is recommended that a log sheet of drivers be kept. In the absence of evidence to the contrary the driver in whose name the vehicle is booked will be held responsible
    11 Accidents and faults in operation
      11.1 Any accidents involving pool vehicles should be reported to the Transport Office and an Occupational Health and Safety Accident/Incident form completed as soon as practicable.
    11.2 Any faults noticed in vehicle operation should be reported to the Transport Office as soon as practicable.
    11.3 Damage to pool vehicles- In the event of damage to pool vehicles, major or minor, and regardless of whether another party or vehicle is involved, the following procedures apply,
      (1) A full report of the damage and circumstances must be made to the Transport Office when the keys and logbook is returned at the latest.
    (2) The Transport Office will arrange for the driver to make a report so that a claim may be made on the University’s insurers for the cost of repairs.
    (3) Except as noted in 11.3.5 below, and in 3.1 and 3.2 above, drivers are not held responsible by the University or its insurers for the cost of repairs arising from accidents while in charge of University vehicles.
    (4) All University vehicles carry full comprehensive and third party insurance.
    (5) The University’s motor vehicle insurance policy is void in the event that a driver of a University vehicle involved in an accident is tested and found to have 0.05% or over blood alcohol content. In such circumstances the driver will be responsible for the total cost of repair of the damage and or personal injury for which they are found liable.
    (6) As a general rule never admit liability.
      12.1 Cost centres may establish their own policies and procedures on the approval of travel and whether staff should be required to use University pool vehicles if available.
    12.2 Reimbursement for use of private vehicles-
    (1) Staff using their own vehicles on approved University business may claim reimbursement at the rate set from time to time by the ATO and published on their website at: http://www.ato.gov.au/content.asp?doc=/content/individuals/16377.htm&page=5#P111_12588
    (2) Where travel is from the University to the alternate place of duty and return reimbursement shall be for the entire journey.
    (3) Where travel to or from home is involved at either or both ends of the journey reimbursement shall only be made on any excess distance travelled over that normally taken between home and the University.
    12.3 Private vehicles used on University business must be covered by comprehensive insurance. Normal comprehensive policies cover staff for use of their own vehicles for journeys of the type which would normally be undertaken by a member of staff e.g. to meetings, to teach elsewhere, etc. Staff should check with their own insurer if they are in doubt. The ATO reimbursement rate covers the total costs of running a vehicle on a per kilometre basis and as such includes a component for insurance. The University therefore accepts no responsibility for costs incurred in the event of loss or damage to a private vehicle while being used on University business.
      13.1 Self drive Hire Vehicles should be used when an appropriate University vehicle is not available or as an alternative to use of taxis at the destination when travelling by air.
    13.2 Bookings for Hire Vehicles are arranged through School, Faculty or Cost Centre.