Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Recruitment and Vacancy Management Procedure

Establishment: Vice-President (Corporate Services), 1 February 2017
Last Amended:  
Nature of Amendment:  
Date Last Reviewed:  
Responsible Officer: Director, People and Culture

1.  Governing Policy

Appointment Policy

2.  Purpose

2.1  The purpose of these procedures is to define the processes required relating to Recruitment and Vacancy Management (RVM).

3.  Scope

3.1  This procedure covers the following untied Academic and Professional positions (new and replacement):

  • continuing
  • fixed-term (including extensions)
  • convertible

3.2  Excluded from this procedure are the following Academic and Professional positions:

  • casual
  • temporary backfill of roles up to one year in duration (eg parental leave)
  • tied or split funded where no more than 20% of the position(s) is funded from untied sources

4.  Definitions

The following definitions are provided for the purpose of this procedure:

4.1  Untied: Funding defined as recurrent in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement or non-recurrent sources excluded from the definition of ‘tied’ below.

4.2  Tied: Grant and other funding received by the University that can only be spent for the purpose granted.   This includes research grants, donations/bequests and student services amenities fees.

For the purpose of the RVM Process this definition will also include the University Research Budget and the University Strategic Fund.

5.  Procedures

5.1  Unless otherwise approved by the Vice-Chancellor, the filling of a vacancy will only be approved when the funds required are included in the relevant annual salary budget or where there is additional funding (outside the budget) will be available to cover the unbudgeted cost.

5.2  Prior to proposing a vacancy for approval, consideration must be given to whether the position meets a strategic and/or operational requirement. In addition, any HR Industrial issues must be discussed in advance with the appropriate Senior HR Adviser.

5.3  The table below sets out the approval authorities relating to specified types of position:

Vacancy Approval Authorities

Vacancy type Vacancy Approval Authority
Academic vacancies with a research component (ie Balanced or Research only positions) as well as Professional Research Assistant/Officer positions DVC (Research)
Academic Teaching Specialist and Sessional Fixed-Term vacancies DVC (Students)
Professional Staff vacancies excluding Research Assistant/Officer positions VP (Corporate Services)

5.4  The flowchart below describes the processes in place relating to vacancy approval.




5.5  The Director, People and Culture or delegate will ensure that regular reporting is provided to SET regarding vacancy management.


6.  Forms

Request to Fill a Vacancy