Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Academic Profiles Policy

Establishment: Council, ECA 2000-2003
Last Amended: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), 10 June 2016
Nature of Amendment: Amalgamation of Administration and Professional Performance clauses and general update to policy
Date Last Reviewed: February 2016
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources



C12.1 There is an Academic Profile for each of the five defined levels of academic appointment – Levels A to E. There are Academic Profiles for appointments in Yunggorendi at Levels A to D.

C12.2 Each Academic Profile includes the range of activities in which a staff member could be expected to be involved and the qualifications normally required of a staff member.

C12.3 Academic Profiles provide the basis for the management of performance of academic staff including performance reviews, incremental progression, probation, promotion and recognition of exceptional performance.

C12.4 The Academic Profiles were developed from the Position Classification Standards, which were then replaced by the Minimum standards for Academic Levels (MSALs).  The MSALs are set out in Schedule 11 to this Agreement.


Policy and Procedures

1.  Areas of Academic Activity

The areas of academic activity recognised in the Academic Profiles are:

  • Teaching
  • Research and Creative Activity
  • University, Professional and Community Service (combining Administration (Including Service to the University) and Professional Performance (Including Service to the Community).

An academic staff member is expected to contribute to the areas of academic activity as appropriate to his/her academic role and Position Description.


2.  Purpose

Academic Profiles provide:

2.1  the basis for the annual reporting of an academic staff member's activities and plans under the Academic Staff Performance Review Scheme and for applications for confirmation of continuing appointment (tenure), promotion or conversion to a continuing post;

2.2  the basis for supervisors and relevant committees to assess a staff member's performance in each area of academic activity for the purposes of the annual performance review, confirmation of continuing appointment (tenure), promotion or conversion to a continuing post; and

2.3  the means by which consistency in the expectations and evaluations of staff performance in different Schools may be achieved across the University.


3.  Use of Profiles

3.1  Performance reviews/conversion to continuing posts/confirmation of continuing appointment

For annual performance reviews and applications for conversion to continuing posts and confirmation of continuing appointment (tenure), staff will refer to the Academic Profile for their particular academic level and the Position Description for their position.

3.2  Promotion

For promotion, an application will be prepared and assessed against the Academic Profile for the level of promotion sought, notwithstanding that applications for promotion to Level D Plus will be prepared and assessed against the Academic Profile for Level E  in accordance with Promotion to Levels D Plus and E - Policy and Procedures.  The Position Description for the position held by the applicant will also be relevant. 


4.  Updating of Profiles

Amendments to existing profiles may be submitted by Deans of School to the Promotions and Academic Appointments Review Committee for approval, together with evidence of support of the proposal/s from the relevant Executive Dean/Portfolio Head.