Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Redeployment of Professional Staff

Establishment: Council, 9 December 1999
Last Amended: 7 August 2014 - Enterprise Agreement 2014 to 2017
Nature of Amendment: Update to terminology
Date Last Reviewed:  
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources 


B6.1 [Circumstances of redeployment] The University may institute a redeployment process under the following circumstances:

B6.1.1  where staffing needs of areas are declining;

B6.1.2  to meet requirements for work-related rehabilitation programs and return to work programs; and/or

B6.1.3  as a last resort, to resolve matters of conflict or dispute where all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted.

B6.2 [Meaningful work] The University will make every effort to provide a redeployee with meaningful work commensurate with her/his skills and classification.

B6.3 [Retention of existing salary during redeployment period] A redeployee will retain her/his existing salary, classification and incremental step during the redeployment period, as defined in the relevant policy, including during any trial period.

B6.4 [Salary upon redeployment] Except as provided for in the University’s redundancy provisions for professional staff or under workers’ compensation legislation, the redeployee’s salary following redeployment will be that of the new position to which she/he has been appointed under this process.

B6.5 [Lower classification] In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to place a redeployee in a position at a lower classification, subject to temporary salary maintenance provisions as outlined in the relevant policy.

B6.6 [Training] During any redeployment period, the University will provide the redeployee with appropriate on-the-job or external training.

B6.7 The University will ensure that, as a result of redeployment, the redeployee is not unduly disadvantaged and that her/his personal circumstances are taken into consideration.

B6.8  [Circumstances of declaring staff member surplus] Where a redeployee declines a formal offer of redeployment, or is unsuccessful in seeking a position within the defined redeployment period, the University will declare that redeployee surplus.  Under these circumstances, the same termination benefits will be applied, as those provided for under the voluntary redundancy provisions for professional staff.  

Policy and Procedures


1.  Definitions

1.1  Redeployment Process means the process whereby a staff member is identified as a redeployee and is transferred to another position in the University at the same employment status and normally at the same classification.

1.2  Redeployee means a University staff member identified by the University as being eligible for redeployment ie a professional staff member who holds a continuing or fixed-term appointment (excluding casual appointees).

1.3  Redeployment period is defined as the period of three calendar months commencing from the date the Director, Human Resources advises the redeployee in writing that she/he is to be redeployed.

1.4  Appropriate vacancy means one which is at the same classification occupied by the redeployee or, where there is no alternative, one which is at a lower level than the existing classification.

1.5  Rehabilitation program means action arising as a result of Occupational Health and Safety legislation or policy.

1.6  Return to work means any change to required work patterns as a result of work-related illness, injury or temporary disability.

1.7  Director, Human Resources means the Director, Human Resources or a delegated officer in the Human Resources Division. 


2.  Responsibilities

2.1  The Director, Human Resources is responsible for:

2.1.1 managing the redeployment process and ensuring outcomes are met;

2.1.2 encouraging cooperation between all parties involved, to the maximum extent possible, in order to achieve a redeployment outcome; and

2.1.3 taking whatever other action is appropriate to secure the redeployment of a redeployee. This may include redeploying a redeployee into any appropriate vacancy prior to the vacancy being advertised.

2.2  The redeployee has the responsibility to cooperate in good faith with the efforts made by the University to ensure a satisfactory redeployment outcome, including working in positions on a trial basis.


3.  Placement at lower classification

Where it is necessary to place a redeployee in a position at a lower classification:

3.1  Salary maintenance the redeployee's current salary level will be maintained for up to six months (except where salary maintenance for longer periods is provided for under workers' compensation legislation or under the University's redundancy provisions), with the redeployee's original work unit funding the difference between the salary levels of the two positions during this period; and

3.2  Identification of alternative position the Director, Human Resources will make every effort to identify an alternative position at the redeployee's substantive classification during the six month period of salary maintenance outlined in 3.1.


4.  Identification of redeployee

A staff member will be identified for redeployment as a result of:

4.1  the University's designation of a staff post as redundant, under the relevant policy; or

4.2  initiation by the Director, Human Resources.

Where redeployment is proposed, the Director, Human Resources will:

4.3  consult with the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head (or delegate) of the redeployee's current work area to determine whether consideration of redeployment elsewhere in the University is necessary;

4.4  determine whether a reasonable period of training or retraining would enable the staff member to remain with the original work unit.


5.  Information

Where a staff member is identified for redeployment, the Director, Human Resources will:

5.1  advise the redeployee in writing of the action that is proposed including details of assistance that is available (see 6);

5.2  provide the redeployee with information on appropriate vacancies, including duty statements and selection criteria, where appropriate; and

5.3  provide the redeployee with information on other appropriate vacancies that arise if the redeployee is in a trial position. 


6.  Assistance

At the commencement of the redeployment process, the Director, Human Resources, will offer the redeployee assistance to:

6.1  develop a skill profile and, where appropriate, prepare an updated curriculum vitae and a personal career plan;

6.2  identify and undertake appropriate training activities; and

6.3  access the Employee Assistance Program.


7.  Placement of redeployee

7.1  Consultation

Following identification of an appropriate vacancy, the Director, Human Resources will consult with the redeployee and with the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head (or delegate) of the work area where the vacancy exists and, if appropriate, approve the redeployment of the redeployee.

7.2  Trial period

Where some doubt exists as to the redeployee's suitability for the vacancy, the Director, Human Resources may approve a trial period of three to six months, with the salary and on-costs being met by the work area where the vacancy exists, except as provided for under 3.1. During a trial period:

7.2.1  Training the redeployee will be provided with both on-the-job training and formal external training, where appropriate, with the responsibility for payment of training costs to be determined by the Director, Human Resources;

7.2.2  Bi-monthly reviews the head of the work area where the vacancy exists will, in consultation with the Director, Human Resources, conduct bi-monthly reviews of the redeployee's performance, and will provide appropriate feedback to the redeployee; and

7.2.3 Confirmation of redeployment the Director, Human Resources may confirm the redeployment of the redeployee in the position at any time, following consultation with the redeployee and the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head (or delegate) and work area of the trial position.

7.3  Advice regarding outcome

The Director, Human Resources will advise the redeployee and relevant supervisors in writing of the outcome of the redeployment or the trial period and of the options available to the redeployee.


8.  Conclusion of process

8.1  Redeployment will be deemed to have concluded when a redeployee:

8.1.1  accepts an offer of a redeployment position; or

8.1.2  declines a formal offer of redeployment; or

8.1.3  has been unsuccessful in securing a position within the redeployment period.

8.2  Notwithstanding 8.1, a redeployee identified under 4.2 who either declines a formal offer of redeployment or has been unsuccessful in securing a position within the redeployment period will be advised by the Director, Human Resources of the options available to her/him. This might include a further redeployment period or return to the original work area.