Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Overseas Conference Scheme

Establishment: Council, January 1990 
Last Amended: 7 August 2014 - Enterprise Agreement 2014 to 2017
Nature of Amendment: Update to terminology
Date Last Reviewed:  
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources 



C17.1  [Purpose of scheme] The purpose of the Overseas Conference Scheme (OCS) is to assist members of staff who are invited to make substantial contributions to overseas conferences of significant importance.

C17.2  [Eligibility] All members of the University's academic staff appointed for one (1) year or more with an appointment fraction of 0.4 and above are eligible to apply for financial support in the form of a contribution to travel expenses.    

C17.3  [All other matters] relating to OCS will be as set out in the applicable University policies as they exist from time to time. 


1.  Absence from the University under the Overseas Conference Scheme will be limited to periods of two weeks or less.  Arrangements for any adjoining absence must be made in accordance with the University's policy on Academic Staff Absences.

2.  Requests for support under the scheme will be assessed on the basis of merit only.  The actual support granted will not exceed travel expenses necessarily incurred by the staff member attending the conference and may be reduced at the discretion of the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head and in accordance with funding constraints applying from year to year.  Adjustment may also be required where support from external sources is offered.

3.  The maximum amount available under the scheme will be equivalent to the base level of financial support provided under the University’s Outside Studies Program as at the date of the conference.

4.  Financial support will not be granted from both the Overseas Conference Scheme and the Outside Studies Scheme in respect of a continuing period of absence from Australia.

5.  Each Faculty/Portfolio will determine the process for considering and approving Overseas Conference Scheme applications, including delegations of authority and deadlines; and the financial assistance available to staff members.

6.  Overseas Conference applications will not normally be approved for the period between notice of resignation being given and the effective date of resignation, unless substantial benefits to the Faculty/Portfolio/University can be demonstrated.

7.  Every member of staff granted support from the Overseas Conference Scheme is required to submit to the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head, within one month of returning, a report on her/his contribution to the conference concerned.  No further application for financial support from the Overseas Conference Scheme will be considered until the required report has been received and approved by the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head.

8.  Any absence from the University under the Overseas Conference Scheme will not be considered as an Outside Studies Program.