Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Academic Staff Performance Review

Establishment: Council, May 1996 
Last Amended: 7 August 2014 - Enterprise Agreement 2014 to 2017
Nature of Amendment: Update to terminology
Date Last Reviewed:  
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources


C11.1  All academic staff (other than casual staff) will be required to undertake a performance review, normally on an annual basis, in accordance with the Academic Staff Performance Review Scheme.

C11.2  The Academic Staff Performance Review Scheme is designed to review regularly the performance and the professional development of staff.  There are separate procedures for reviewing and investigating in a formal manner unsatisfactory performance and misconduct, and these procedures are set out elsewhere in this Agreement. 

The objectives of the Scheme are to:

  • assist staff to develop academically and professionally and to provide them with reliable information on the University’s expectation of performance;
  • assist the University and staff jointly to plan the work of staff to achieve desired goals; and
  • assist supervisors in monitoring and assessing a staff member’s performance.

C11.3  Documentation completed in the course of performance reviews will be collected and held in a manner consistent with the confidentiality and reporting provisions of the Scheme as at the time of certification of this Agreement.

C11.4  The performance of casual staff will be reviewed in accordance with the Performance Management Guidelines for Casual Academic Staff (Part-Time Teachers).

 Policy and Procedures

1.  Preamble

The University aims to provide assistance to staff to develop excellence in teaching, research, administration, professional activity and service to the community.  The Academic Staff Performance Review Scheme (APRS) is one method the University has developed to assist staff to achieve this aim. 


2.  Guides

This policy should be read in conjunction with the detailed guides which have been developed to assist staff to complete the form which is appropriate to their annual academic performance review.


3.  Scope

3.1  Academic staff

This policy applies to all academic staff (other than casual staff).

3.2  Senior staff

Members of the senior executive and Deans of Schools are required also to report annually against the performance goals identified specifically for their role.

3.3  Leave

Staff who are absent on leave, for example OSP, maternity leave, sick leave, leave without pay, at the time the performance review round is conducted in their unit will undertake the performance review upon their return if their leave is for a period of less than six months.  Staff who are on leave for a period longer than six months will not be required to undertake their performance review in that year. 


4.  Academic profiles

The University's Academic Profiles will be the basis for the reporting of a staff member's activities and plans under the APRS and for evaluation of a staff member's application for confirmation of appointment (tenure), conversion to a continuing post and promotion.


5.  Supervisors

5.1  Designated Supervisor

Each staff member will have a designated supervisor, normally the Dean or deputy Dean of her/his School.

5.2  Supervisory responsibilities

The performance review of Deans of Schools, Deputy Deans and academic supervisors will include staff supervisory as well as academic responsibilities.  The review of these aspects of the performance of Deans and Deputy Deans of School will be based on the roles and responsibilities as described in the relevant University policy.

5.3  Initiation of reviews

Both the individual staff member and the supervisor may initiate reviews but the supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that reviews occur at the agreed time.


6.  Special circumstances

The University will ensure that the APRS takes account of special circumstances such as career interruptions, family obligations and membership of EO designated groups.


7.  Staff Categories

For the purposes of the APRS, all staff will be identified in one of two categories: Category A and Category B.  The membership of a particular category of staff will be determined by the policy and agreed by the staff member and the supervisor jointly:

7.1  Category A

Staff in Category A will comprise staff on probation, staff in convertible posts, staff who are progressing through the salary scale for their level, staff who are likely to be applicants for promotion in the next three years and staff who are occupying positions of responsibility such as Deans of School, academic supervisors etc.

7.2  Category B

Staff in Category B will comprise staff who are undertaking the academic performance review primarily for staff development purposes.  Staff in this category would normally include those staff who are in continuing posts and at the top of the salary scale for their level, not on probation and are not considering applying for promotion in the next three years.


8.  Documentation

8.1  Forms A and B

There will be a form for staff in each category to use as a basis for their report for the academic performance review (Form A and Form B).  Notwithstanding this, staff in Category B may complete the more comprehensive Form A if they so wish.

8.2  Form C

There will be a separate but complementary form (Form C) which a staff member will be required to complete when applying for promotion.

8.3  Form guides

There will be a comprehensive Guide to each form to assist staff with the completion of their form. The review process as outlined in the Guide to Form A and Guide to Form B will normally be followed by the supervisor and staff member. 


9  Confidentiality

9.1  Forms A and B and records of review meetings

Completed performance review report Forms A and B, together with the record of the review meeting will remain confidential to the staff member and the supervisor. In situations where there is a change in supervisor, the previous year's completed form and record of the review meeting will be passed on by the previous to the new supervisor.  Where a staff member specifically objects to their form and/or record of meeting being passed on to a new supervisor, the staff member will need to provide satisfactory reasons to the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head, who will determine the matter.

9.2  Form C

A completed Form C will be made available to members of the relevant Committee and to other authorised staff.

9.3  Report to Cost Centre Head

Notwithstanding the confidentiality of the contents of individual reports, following each review round, the supervisor will inform the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head in writing that the performance reviews which they are required to undertake have been completed and report on matters in general terms, which properly concern the Executive Dean/Portfolio Head, such as staff development needs, leave plans, resources implications and policy matters.

9.4  Use of information

Nothing in this policy will prevent a staff member making use of any information contained in the report to serve her/his own needs and requirements.  Any other use of the information will be agreed with the staff member. 


10.  Training and professional development

10.1  Supervisory staff will be trained in the operation of the APRS.  The training will stress the objectives of the scheme, and will emphasise its developmental nature and its role in assisting all staff to perform at their optimum level.

10.2  It is the responsibility of each Executive Dean/Portfolio Head and supervisor to coordinate the professional development needs of staff which may arise from the reviews, in accordance with Faculty/Portfolio policies.