Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Performance Management Guidelines for Casual Academic Staff

Establishment:Vice-Chancellor, 20 October 2005 
Date Last Amended:
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Responsible Officer:
Director, Human Resources

1.  Casual academic staff are expected to perform to a satisfactory standard while carrying out their responsibilities including:

  • teaching in accordance with the curriculum for the topic for which they are engaged;
  • attending promptly to administrative and assessment requirements of the topic;
  • complying with the area's expectations with regard to student consultation.

2.  The staff member will be required to undertake student evaluation of teaching (SET) whenever he/she is responsible for a semester long topic. The results of the SET will be made available to the staff member's supervisor.
At the end of the teaching period for which the staff member is employed, the supervisor will assess the overall performance of the staff member. This assessment will take into account the results of student evaluation/s of teaching but will not rely solely on these results.

4.  Where performance is considered outstanding in relation to the responsibilities required to have been undertaken, the staff member will be identified for further employment should relevant opportunities arise.
5.  If performance is deemed less than satisfactory, the staff member will not normally be provided with further employment.

6.  If a complaint/s is made about the staff member's performance or conduct by the supervisor, peers or students, at any time during the period the staff member is undertaking his/her responsibilities, the supervisor will investigate the complaint promptly. The investigation will be completed within five (5) working days and appropriate action taken. This action may result in the termination of the staff member's employment.