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Approving Authority: Council
Establishment Date: 21 August 2006 (CWA 2006 - 2008)
Date Last Amendment: 6 July 2011 (EA 2010-2013)
Nature of Amendment: Changes to arrangements relating to booking of annual leave for academic staff.
Date Last Reviewed:
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources


A26.1 [Entitlement] For each year of service a staff member is entitled to four (4) weeks of paid annual recreation leave (equivalent to 12.25 hours or one and two-thirds working days of paid leave for each completed month of service, pro-rata for part-time staff). This entitlement accrues progressively during a year of service according to the employee’s ordinary hours of work, and accumulates from year to year.

A26.2 [General staff]

A26.2.1 [Application and approval] In advance of any annual recreation leave period sought, all staff must, in a form approved by the University, apply to and obtain approval from their supervisor for the taking of any period of annual recreation leave.

A26.2.2 [Time of taking leave] Annual recreation leave should normally be taken in the year in which it accrues. 

A26.3 [Academic staff]

A26.3.1 [Approval and time of taking leave] Annual recreation leave for all academic staff will commence at the time of the end of year University closure each year, for a period of 20 working days, exclusive of public holidays, pro rata for part-time staff. Where a staff member has an accrual of less than 20 days, the University will book the number of whole days accrued and carry forward any remaining fraction. 

A26.3.2 [Alternative arrangements for taking leave] Notwithstanding A26.3.1, an academic staff member may, by agreement with her/his supervisor, take annual recreation leave at an alternative time. In advance of an alternative period of annual recreation leave being sought, the staff member must, in a form approved by the University, apply to and obtain approval from her/his supervisor for the taking of this period of annual recreation leave.  The University will not unreasonably refuse such an application for leave.

A26.3.3 [Advance alert] The University will remind academic staff about the booking of annual recreation leave and the option to make alternative arrangements, as described in A26.3.1 and A26.3.2.  This reminder will normally occur annually in September each year.

A26.3.4 [Review] A review jointly undertaken by the University and the NTEU will assess the application of Clause A26.3 by no later than the nominal expiry date of the Agreement and this Clause will only continue to apply in any new agreement made, if the parties are in agreement that it should so continue. 

A26.3.5 [Amendment] The parties agree to amend this Clause within the life of the current agreement should any unintended consequences become apparent that the parties agree require a formal amendment to this Agreement

A26.4 [Excess accumulated annual recreation leave] A full-time staff member who has accumulated annual recreation leave during any 24 month period in excess of 294 hours (equivalent to 40 working days), pro-rata for part-time staff, may be directed to take up to one quarter of her/his accrued leave.

A26.5 [First year of service] During the first year of service, a staff member will not be permitted to take any greater period of annual recreation leave than that accumulated. Subsequently, a staff member may apply to take annual recreation leave in advance of entitlement up to a maximum of (1) one year’s accrual.

A26.6 [Conversion to personal/carer’s leave] Where a staff member becomes ill for a period of not less than three (3) days while on annual recreation leave, she/he will, subject to the availability of personal/carer's leave credits and the production of a medical certificate for the period of illness, be credited with the annual recreation leave and have the personal/carer's leave debited for the approved number of working days.

A26.7 [Fixed-term staff] Annual recreation leave accrued by a staff member appointed on a fixed-term basis should normally be taken before the cessation date of that contract.

A26.8 [Casual staff] will not be entitled to paid annual recreation leave.

[Time of taking leave] Leave will be taken at a mutually convenient time.
[Applications] Applications for recreation leave should be submitted via the Employee Self Service.
[Recreation leave balances] The balance of a staff member's recreation leave entitlement will be shown on her/his payslip.
[Christmas closedown] All academic and general staff members will be required to book recreation leave on the days (other than public holidays) occurring between Christmas Day and New Year's Day when the University is closed, except where such staff are required to work or, for general staff, as provided for in clause 2 of the University’s Public Holidays and University Closure policy and procedures.
[Leave in advance of entitlement] Subject to A26.5, a staff member taking recreation leave in advance of entitlement will be required to undertake to repay to the University, by way of deduction from salary or otherwise, the amount of any pay received for recreation leave taken in advance to which that staff member does not subsequently earn an entitlement.
[Staff on fixed-term appointments] A staff member filling a fixed-term appointment may, with the approval of the Manager, Human Resources, take recreation leave in advance of entitlement on the recommendation of the responsible officer.

[Management of recreation leave] Accrual of recreation leave credits in accordance with A26.3 will be subject to the following:

7.1 When a staff member’s accumulated recreation leave reaches 220.5 hours (equivalent of 30 working days for full-time staff), pro-rata for part-time staff, the staff member should provide to the responsible officer a plan, including a timeframe, for the taking of leave to ensure that the balance does not exceed 294 hours (equivalent of 40 working days for full-time staff), pro-rata for part-time staff.

7.2 Where a staff member does not provide, or does not comply with, an agreed plan, s/he may be directed to take recreation leave in accordance with A26.4.


[Recreation leave in conjunction with other absences] With the approval of the supervisor, recreation leave may be taken in conjunction with an Outside Studies Program, conference leave, fieldwork or long service leave.


[Implementation arrangements for academic staff] To give effect to the arrangements for recreation leave in A26, which are new for academic staff with respect to taking of leave and record-keeping, the following transitional arrangements will apply:

9.1 All recreation leave accrued by academic staff members during the period of operation of the Flinders University Enterprise Agreement 2004-2006 will be deemed by the University to have been taken by the end of February 2007, and there will be no entitlement to receive payment in lieu of any such leave.  This provision is not intended to have adverse impact upon a staff member’s entitlement to days of absence from the University for recreational purposes related to such accrued leave. 

9.2 At the commencement of the Flinders University Collective Workplace Agreement 2006-2008, an academic staff member will be credited with recreation leave in accordance with A26.1 and all academic staff members must comply with the University’s formal arrangements with respect to applying for and recording leave as required in A26.2.