Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Laboratory Rules

Establishment:Council, 1966                                                   
Last Amended: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), 3 December 2012
Nature of Amendment:
Transfer of Authority previously held by Director, Academic and Student Services
Date Last Reviewed:
November 2011
Responsible Officer:
Director, Buildings and Property
  1. For students taking regular courses involving laboratory work an appropriate laboratory will be open at such hours as shall be considered necessary by a nominated staff member of the topic concerned. Persons engaged in advanced work or original research may work at such additional times as the supervisor may arrange.
  2. The facilities of a laboratory may also be made available for original research carried on by students or graduates not proceeding to a degree in the University at such times and under such conditions as the Executive Dean of the Faculty may determine, the fee for use of a laboratory and its facilities, and the charge for materials, to be determined in each case.
  3. All preparations and equipment made from materials supplied by the University shall remain the property of the University.
  4. Any new experiments should be referred to the supervisor who will conduct a risk assessment and institute appropriate hazard control measures and/or seek advice from the Technical or Laboratory Manager.
  5. All students must adhere to the safety rules for laboratory practice as they apply to each laboratory in which they carry out procedures.
  6. Any accident must be reported at once to the person currently in charge of the laboratory.
  7. The Executive Dean of the Faculty may impose a fine not exceeding $100 for any breach of discipline, misconduct, misuse of apparatus or reagents, or waste of gas, water and electricity. The Executive Dean of the Faculty may report any misconduct or offence on the part of a student to the appropriate authority referred to in Statute 6.4 Student Conduct. If the Executive Dean of the Faculty imposes a fine, they shall report in writing to the Vice-President (Corporate Services) the amount of such fine, and the reason for it; and the fine shall be paid to the University within seven days of the time of its imposition.