Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Rules for the Conduct of Examinations

Establishment: Council, 29 October 1998 
Last Amended: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), 8 February 2016
Nature of Amendment: Change of Responsible Officer
Date Last Reviewed: November 2011
Responsible Officer: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students)

1.  Students are required to obey any instructions given by an examination supervisor for the proper conduct of the examination.

2.  No student shall be admitted to an examination after half an hour from the time of commencement of the examination except with the permission of the Chief Examination Supervisor.

3.  No student shall be permitted to leave an examination room before the expiry of half an hour from the time the examination commences or during the last ten minutes of any examination. Where in special cases this rule is varied, an appropriate announcement will be made.

4.  Except at the discretion of the Chief Examination Supervisor no student shall be re-admitted to an examination room after he or she has left it unless during the full period of the absence the student has been under approved supervision.

5.  On entering an examination room students shall occupy, without delay, such places as are indicated by signs or by an examination supervisor and shall not change places except with the permission of or instruction by an examination supervisor.

6.  Students are required to bring to the examination room their student card which must be produced if requested by an examination supervisor.

7.  Unless otherwise specified on the examination paper, students will be given 15 minutes reading time before the commencement of the examinations.

8.  During reading time students are not permitted to write in examination booklets or answer sheets. Students may complete attendance slips, make notes on the scribble paper provided or fill in details required on the front cover of the examination booklets during reading time.

9.  Students who attend but are unable due to medical or compassionate reasons to complete an examination, are required to report to the Chief Examination Supervisor prior to leaving the examination room. To be eligible for consideration for deferred assessment, such students are required to lodge an application for deferred assessment which includes having a qualified professional practitioner certify that they were 'unfit' to complete the examination. Normally, this certification must be dated the same day as the examination for which deferred assessment is being sought.

10.  Students may not commence their examinations before the announcement to do so is made by the Chief Examination Supervisor.

11.  All students shall cease writing immediately when the announcement to do so is made by the Chief Examination Supervisor.

12.  Students must remain seated until all examination booklets have been collected and an announcement is made by the Chief Examination Supervisor that students may leave the room.

13.  Students must not remove from an examination room any examination materials, used or unused, unless authorised to do so.

14.  Students must not cause any disturbance or engage in any conduct likely to disturb any other student in an examination. Such behaviour may, at the discretion of the Chief Examination Supervisor, result in the student being summarily dismissed from the examination room.

15.  A student shall not during an examination:

15.1  be in possession of anything whatsoever which contains, or conveys, or is capable of conveying information concerning or otherwise having reference to the subject matter under examination, other than where this is permitted under the University's Assessment Policy or by an examiner; or

15.2  directly or indirectly give assistance to any other student; or

15.3  directly or indirectly accept assistance from any other student; or

15.4  permit any other student to copy from or otherwise use his or her papers; or

15.5  use any papers of any other student; or

15.6  by any other improper means whatsoever obtain or endeavour to obtain, directly or indirectly, assistance in his or her work, or give or endeavour to give, directly or indirectly, assistance to any other student.

A student who is detected committing, or apparently committing a breach of any of the provisions of this clause will be dealt with under the provisions of the University's Academic Integrity Policy and may, at the discretion of the Chief Examination Supervisor, be summarily dismissed from the examination room.