Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.

Work-Integrated Learning Policy

Establishment:Academic Senate, 8 September 2010
Last Amended:
Nature of Amendment:
Date Last Reviewed:
Responsible Officer:Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

1.  Preamble

1.1  This policy is intended to support the University's aim of providing Work-Integrated Learning opportunities in its courses and to provide a systematic and comprehensive framework for the development and operation of Work-Integrated Learning.

1.2  Work-Integrated Learning exposes students to the context and requirements of professional practice and provides students with the opportunity to:

  • apply and refine their current knowledge and skills;
  • develop new skills in areas such as communication and teamwork;
  • develop an awareness of workplace culture and expectations;
  • develop a practical appreciation of their chosen profession;
  • develop practical skills to reflect upon in future studies;
  • develop competencies for clinical practice.


2.  Definitions

Work Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning is an intentional, organised, supervised and assessed educational activity that integrates theoretical learning with its applications in the workplace. Work-Integrated Learning can occur:

  • as directed work experience in an industry or professional workplace (e.g. field placement, practicum, or an internship);
  • in simulated workplace settings on campus; or
  • through assessment activities designed to simulate authentic workplace activities or requirements.

Host Organisation

A host organisation is the entity which has responsibility for ensuring that appropriate provisions are made for students while on Work-Integrated Learning placement.


3.  Scope

3.1  This policy applies to all work-integrated learning activities that form part of a topic offered within a University course of study. It applies to all instances of Work-Integrated Learning placements undertaken with the approval of the University, both on campus and elsewhere and to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students and staff associated with such placements.


4.  Policy

4.1  The University will design its courses so as to ensure that all undergraduate students have an opportunity to undertake a work-integrated learning experience. Where applicable, work-integrated learning activities will be tailored to the profession related to the course in which that are offered.

4.2  Work-integrated learning activities will be designed to integrate work-related practice with teaching, to provide for the monitoring, supervision and performance assessment of students on placement, and to enable students to reflect on their practice.

4.3  Where the professional accreditation of a course requires that students complete a form of Work-Integrated Learning placement, such placements will be provided. The satisfactory completion of such Work-Integrated Learning placements will be a compulsory requirement for completion of the relevant course.

4.4  The University will take all necessary steps to ensure the availability of Work-Integrated Learning placements for students in courses with compulsory placement requirements, and will seek generally to negotiate or provide appropriate Work-Integrated learning activities for students in all courses. To these ends, the University will actively promote good working relationships with prospective and current host organisations for the mutual benefit of those organisations and the students concerned, and will foster the development of Work-Integrated Learning as an educational and employment practice.

4.5  The University will develop appropriate administrative procedures for the management and operation of Work-Integrated Learning placements, including student supervision, occupational health and safety, insurance and indemnification.

4.6  The University may arrange Work-Integrated Learning placements with host organisations directly, or with an entity representing a group of host organisations. The University may appoint an agent to arrange placements with host organisations.

4.7  Work-Integrated Learning placements must be governed by written agreements. Written agreements may be made directly with hosts, or with bodies representing host organisations. The University may make an agreement with external organisations to arrange placements on its behalf. The requirements of such agreements are set out in the University Administrative Procedures for Student Work-Integrated Learning Placements under this Policy. Written agreements must also have regard to the Policy on Delegations of Authority to Enter into Contracts and to all other relevant University policy and procedures.

4.8  Executive Deans are responsible for risk management in relation to the operation of Work-Integrated Learning placements within their respective faculties, in accordance with the University’s Risk Management Policy. 

4.9  The University will provide appropriate advice, staff development and preparation programs to staff to assist them to develop and operate Work-Integrated Learning activities.

4.10  Topics that include Work-Integrated Learning activities will be developed in accordance with the Guidelines for the Design of Work-Integrated Learning Topics approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).