The Survey was developed, analysed and reported on by Voice Project Pty Ltd at Macquarie University. To protect the confidentiality of the views of its staff members Flinders University used the external provider to whom all the responses were sent. No reports are provided where there were less than 10 respondents so that the confidentiality of the staff views is preserved. The last all staff survey was undertaken in 2008.

Organisational Level Reports

High Level Results

The Executive Summary provides high-level written overview of the results. This is designed so a busy Executive can review the results in a quick manner. It is advisable to circulate this to attendees prior to any presentation of the organisation-wide results.

The Presentation Report is a high-level report, which will form the basis of the final presentation. This tends to be the most commonly used report by senior management teams.

Detailed Results

The Detailed Scale and Item results report is a more detailed look at the results. It contains the organisation-level results for every opinion question asked in the survey.

The Weathermap is a detailed comparison across different organisational units. Please note that any groups that returned less than 10 responses were excluded from these analyses for confidentiality purposes (as stated on the front of the survey). These reports are designed for both the VC and HR to keep as a reference.

The 'Text Reponses - Full Listing' Document contains all of the text responses that people made in one document. This is essentially for HR and the VC to keep as a record.

Work Unit Reports

Each section within Flinders has a dedicated folder, each of which contains the relevant reports for that section. Within each folder you will find the following documents: 

  1. The 'Q reports' PDF files are the quantitative results for each business unit. We have one of these for each business unit. Having these as separate files allows you to distribute to each business unit Manager separately. We've also attached an interpretation guide for these, which you should send to each manager.
  2. The 'Text responses' PDF files contain the text responses that people made for each work unit. Again, these are presented as separate files to allow you to distribute to each business unit Manager separately.