Crossing the Ridges Archive

2008-2009 Archives

18 September 2008:
Relational Qualities that Promote Effective Knowledge Sharing (PDF 379KB)

16 October 2008:
Summarising - the second effective communication skill which forms part of the cyclical process of Listening - Summarising - Questioning that promotes Effective Communication and Effective Conflict Resolution

20 November 2008:
Managing Change: Managing People's Fear.  Change is natural and good. Reaction to change is unpredictable, but manageable. by John Reh,

15 January 2009:
Auditing Change Process (PDF 462KB)

19 February 2009:
Managing Change Survey (PDF 47KB)

19 March 2009:
How could you (within your responsibilities) " ... make people (other general staff) a strategic priority"  in line with one of the V-C's key themes for a new strategic plan 2010-2014?

21 May 2009:
Making People (general staff) a Strategic Priority (PDF 138KB)  - Facilitated by Denise Martin, Faculty General Manager Science & Engineering.  The full 'May Statement' is available here.

18 June 2009:
We've All Got Mail - Use and abuse of email in universities (PDF 79KB) - Dr Judy Szekeres, General Manager: Student Services, The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with the Association of Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

16 July 2009:
Engaging Staff in the Strategic Planning Process by Changing Approaches and Attitudes (PDF 289KB) - Developing, implementing and monitoring strategic plans: looking at key elements - objectives, strategies, KPI's etc. Speakers: Pam Smith and Denise Martin.

20 August 2009:
Fear of Feedback (PDF 806KB) - The process of feedback, with a particular focus on performance and behavioural issues from a supervisory perspective.Speaker: Naomi Madsen, Training and Development Officer, Staff Development and Training Unit.

17 September 2009:
Change through the lens of knowledge (PDF 1MB) - Organisational change and organisation learning. Speaker: Dr Paddy O’Toole.

15 October 2009:
Understanding relationships between academic staff and administrators and organisational culture perspective (PDF 645KB) - Speaker: Pam Smith.

19 November 2009:
Managing your Time (PDF 327KB) - Speaker: Hugh Kearns.


2010-2011 Archives

18 February 2010:
Going Green (DOC 29KB) - How to reduce the environmental impact of our activities (University Key Strategy No. 8).  Speaker: Mark King, Buildings & Property Division.

18 March 2010:
Employment of Indigenous Australians (University Key Strategy No. 7).  Speaker: Ray Davey, Indigenous Employment Coordinator, HR Client Services.

15 April 2010:
Managing your Time (PDF 327KB)

20 May 2010:
Opportunities for collaboration in South Adelaide (University Key Strategy No. 1).  Speakers: Kathryn Anderson, Manager, Industry Partnerships and Darlene Voss, Manager, Education Partnerships, Southern Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

17 June 2010:
Why make time for Professional Development?  Speaker: Greg Wright, Flinders University Institutional Coordinator for ATEM will continue discussion arising at the recent ATEM Central Regional Conference.  All welcome.

15 July 2010:
Bold and Inspiring - Flinders brand refresh.  Speaker: Diane Ranck, Director, Marketing & Communications. 

19 August 2010:
Crossing the Ridges August 2010.doc (DOC 44KB) - First in the Family at Uni - students from non-traditional backgrounds.  Hear about two programs the University is running - Inspire Peer Mentor Program and First Generations.  Speakers:  Michelle Campbell and Lian van Veen, Careers & Employers Liaison Centre.  

16 September 2010:
Making Performance Management work for you!  (University Key Strategy No. 7).  Speaker:  Naomi Madsen, Training & Development Officer, Professional Development Unit. 

21 October 2010:
Bruce Whitby, General Manager, Faculty of Health Sciences.  Meet the man, hear his vision for General Staff within the Faculty, and introduce yourself.

18 November 2010:
Managing Up (PPT 2MB) - Why we all need to manage up, and will provide some strategies for doing it well. Speaker:  Bronwyn Simondson, 

16 December 2010:
Introducing the relevance of Research Services to General Staff (Strategic Plan Key Strategy No. 5).  Speaker:  Dr Gayle Morris, Director, Research Services.

17 February 2011:
Are Students our Clients? (University Key Strategy No. 3). Speaker: Hugh Kearns.

17 March 2011:
How to Make the Most of New Technologies in the Workplace. Speaker: Dean Gawler, Director, Information Technology Services

14 April 2011:
Internationalising the University - What Does This Mean for General Staff? (University Key Strategy No. 6). Speaker: Matt Taverner, Deputy Head, Development & Partnerships, International Centre.

19 May 2011:
Preparing for the 2012 AUQA Audit - What can General Staff do to Engage? Speaker: Chris Reid, Administrative Officer, Policy & Secretariat.

16 June 2011:
Qualities of a Team Member (PDF 125KB) - Teamwork, how to make it work for you. (University Key Strategy No. 7: Valuing our People). Speaker: Shelly Rogers, Individual and Organisational Development.

21 July 2011:
Your Voice Staff Survey, discussion of results. (University Key Strategy No. 7: Valuing our People). Speaker: John White, Director Human Resources.

18 August 2011:
A Strategic Overview. Speaker: Shane McGregor, Vice President Strategic Finance and Planning.

15 September 2011:
Building Space Management Strategies, or Who's in What Office? (University Key Strategy No. 9).  Speaker: David Banks, Director, Buildings & Property.

20 October 2011:

Crossing the Ridges - Enterprise Agreement Session October 2011 (PPTX 1MB) - Enterprise Bargaining Agreement - What Does it Mean for General Staff? Speaker: John White, Director, Human Resources, and Jane Bromley, Senior HR Policy & Projects Officer
(MOV - Videoconference session recording.

17 November 2011:
Crossing the Ridges 2012 - Consultation.