Members of the professional staff who wish to undertake part-time study to improve their qualifications for their present or expected future position in the University may apply for:

  • time off during normal working hours necessary for attendance at lectures, practical classes or examinations;
  • reimbursement of the compulsory student services and amenities fee.

Staff members may wish to Audit topics offered at University and may apply for Leave and Reimbursement of the required Auditing fee.

The University will not reimburse tuition fees, course/topic fees or HECS fees under the Study Assistance Scheme.  Staff may be eligible to seek financial assistance through the Professional Staff Conference Scheme.

The original copy of the Study Assistance Form must be sent to the Professional Development Unit.  Applications must be approved by the Senior Officer before the study is undertaken.

Leave Provisions Professional Staff can apply for

  • Up to six hours in any week to enable members of staff to attend lectures and practical classes which they are required to attend in connection with subjects in an approved course provided that the periods of leave so granted shall not exceed the periods, including travelling time, required by the members of staff to attend such lectures and practical classes.
  • Up to a maximum of five days a year to enable members of staff to undertake examinations in subjects in approved courses, provided that such members shall only be granted sufficient leave to enable them to travel to the place of examination, complete the examination and return to work.
  • Members of staff may apply to receive study leave in the form of block grants only where there exists a requirement of the course that cannot be fulfilled under the above conditions (eg field trips, block courses). Applications for block Study Assistance grants may only be made after consultation with the Senior Officer concerned.

For further details about Study Assistance for Professional Staff email Professional Development Unit