Study Tour Application Form 2018 (DOC 89KB)

Eligible members are those who occupy positions at or above the level of Higher Education Officer Level 8. Applications will be called for once per annum, for programs to be undertaken in the following year. 

Applications close on 15 June 2018.

The purpose of the Study Tour Scheme is to provide eligible staff members with the opportunity to travel interstate or overseas to study matters related to their professional duties, which could be expected to produce significant benefits to the University and to the individual concerned. Programs may be undertaken interstate or overseas, and will not normally be approved to supplement proposals for which support is being provided from other sources.  Support from the College/Portfolio/ Division is acceptable.

The number of awards to be made in any one year will be determined annually, and will normally be funded from a budget of not more than $10,000. While it is appreciated that all aspects may not have been finalised, applicants will be required to give sufficient detail of the proposed program, its relevance to their professional duties, perceived benefits for the University and themselves, duration and costings, to enable a decision to be made. Where the support provided by the University is insufficient, information as to how the balance will be funded must also be given.

Applications must be submitted via the Head of College Services or Director of Division and relevant Senior Executive, whose endorsements of the proposal will be required, to the Manager, Professional Development Unit by the date specified. Applications will be considered by the Vice-President (Corporate Services) and Director People and Culture (or their nominees) and determined in accordance with the stated purposes of the scheme.

Financial Support

A successful applicant will receive a maximum of $5,000 from the University under this scheme. Where the applicant estimates costs below this, funding will cover the approved actual costs incurred.

Qualifying Service

No period of formal qualifying service within the eligible categories is stipulated. However, in determining applications, the period spent within higher education administration generally, and within the relevant classifications, may be taken into account.

Duration of Study Tour

It is normally expected that a study tour would not exceed twelve weeks. In exceptional circumstances, applicants may be permitted to extend it beyond this time by the use of recreation and/or long service leave.


Within two months of returning to the University, successful applicants will be required to submit a comprehensive report on the study tour to the Vice-President (Corporate Services) through the Head of College Services or Director of Division and relevant Senior Executive.

Requirement to Return

A staff member who receives support for a study tour will be expected to return to the University upon completion of the program. A staff member shall be required to refund to the University any money received from the University as financial support for a study tour if the staff member does not remain in the service of the University for at least three months after completion of the program.

Previous Study Tour Recipients


Jodie Zada, Health Counselling & Disability Services
Mathew Jeffrey, Property Facilities & Development

Meredith Peters, Flinders Rural Health SA

Cheryl Edwards, Timetabling Services

No applicants successful

Fiona Salmon, Flinders University Art Museum

Pam Smith, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Miranda Morfey, Central Library

Virginia Pattingale, International Centre

Nicole Morcom, Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Mario Trinidad, Social Work & Social Planning

Kevin Knox, Information Technology Services

Jennie Parham, Ausinet

No applicants successful

Matthew Tavener, International Centre
Ray Yates, Animal House

Jason Farren, Financial Services Division

Applicant withdrew

Ian McBain, Central Library

Brian Mooney, Staff Development & Training Unit