This page introduces and inducts Independent Contractors (ie. External Training Facilitators) to the Professional Development Unit. It provides the necessary information about the training room and any work health and safety matters, including emergency procedures which you are legally obliged to familiarise yourself with.


Professional Development Unit

Room 341, Information Science & Technology Building
Ph: 8201 7711


 Location and Parking

Our training room is located in Room 329 Information Science and Technology (IS&T) Building. To get to the room, head north towards the IS&T Building from Carpark 15, take the lift to Level 3 and turn right when you exit the lift.

The PDU office is located in Room 341, IS&T Building, in the corridor you will go past just before the training room.

The key to the training room is available from the PDU office, or you can arrange for a staff member to meet you there. You will also need to collect your Authorised Contractor Permit and be signed in and out by a PDU staff member.

Carpark 15 is the closest carpark. A parking permit will be provided to you. Please contact the PDU for any access requirements, eg. disabled parking or locations of lifts.

Click here for a campus map.


 Training Room Facilities

 The training room can seat up to 20 people. There are a number of facilities for use in the room, including: 
  • Tables on wheels for easy movement and chairs
  • Flipchart paper and markers
  • Whiteboards and a Smart Board
  • Computer with PowerPoint and Internet facilities
  • Two Screen projectors and screens
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits and filtered water
  • Food outlets and vending machines are available nearby
  • Permission is required to bring alcohol on campus
  • No smoking is permitted inside University buildings

PDU can provide an equipment tutorial before your session if you have not used the room before.

Please bring your own presentation on a USB drive on the day of your session, or email it to us at least 1 business day prior to your workshop.  Allow 30 minutes for set up and clean up.

PDU staff can assist with setting up the room to your requirements between 9am and 5pm. For possible room configurations, refer to the following document - Room Styles (PDF 795KB) . Please ask the PDU for assistance if you need to move heavy items.


Course Requirements and Procedures

Admin staff will confirm the details, including participant names and numbers with you a week before your session.

If you are unsure about compatibility of your PowerPoint presentation, please email it to us before your session for testing.

Please also inform the PDU of any course set up requirement you might have, such as:

  • Specialised stationery or equipment
  • Name tags
  • Extra rooms
  • Catering
  • Pre-course work for participants

PDU will provide you with evaluation forms for participants to fill out. A consolidated report of responses can be provided to you upon request. Please return the evaluation forms together with the attendance list to the PDU after your session.

It is a good idea to inform your participants of the following: 

  • Emergency Exits: one just next to Room 329 and one opposite toilets at the end of the corridor
  • Toilets: down the corridor to the left
  • Water availability: in training room kitchenette
  • Break times, and advise them to take their valuables with them at all times

When finished, remember to:

  • Switch off all equipment other than the trainer's computer
  • Return all remotes to cabinet
  • Return tables to 'Cafe Style'
  • Tidy up used cups/catering trays
  • Take your USB drive
  • Wipe up the whiteboard
  • Switch off lights and lock the door
  • Return key, course lists and evaluation forms to PDU
  • Sign out from the Authorised Contractor Register

For payments, please send your invoice to

Flinders University Accounts
GPO Box 2881
Adelaide, SA 2001

Or email as an attachment to


Emergency Procedures

 In case of an Emergency, you can contact the following:
  • Professional Development Unit on ext 17711 (8201 7711)
  • Security on ext 12880 (8201 2880). Security can transport injured people if necessary, and all Security staff are trained First Aiders.
  • Emergency Services (Fire/Police/Ambulance) on 0-000 (or 000/112 from your mobile)
  • For Police attendance, dial 0-131 444 (or 131 444 from your mobile)
  • University Health Services on ext 12118 (8201 2118)

In the event of a fire or similar emergency, building alarms will sound. If you discover a fire, notify others in the building to sound the alarm/notify fire service/Security and follow the evacuation procedures, following any directions from Building Wardens. There are two sounds you need to make yourself familiar with.

Alert Signal (beep beep) means STAND BY (MP3 - 81KB)

1.  Gather your personal belongings and prepare to evacuate
2.  Switch off computers and electrical appliances
3.  Do not lock doors
4.  Await further instructions or evacuation signal
5.  Do not leave the building unless you are in immediate danger    

Evacuate Signal (whoop whoop) means EVACUATE (MP3 - 127KB)

1.  Evacuate the building via the nearest, safest exit. Exits are marked by green signs
2.  Follow the directions of Building Wardens, Security or Emergency Services Personnel
3.  Do not use lifts. Mobility-impaired people should report to a Building Warden for assistance
4.  Gather at the designated assembly points (Path near the lake or Carpark 15). Check your whole group is present
5.  Do not re-enter the building or leave the campus until the 'all clear' is given by Wardens or over the PA system    

In case of a medical emergency, call an ambulance on 000 (or 0-000 from an internal phone).  State your contact number, location, nature of the emergency (number of people injured or unwell, symptoms, etc.) and identify yourself.  Then immediately call Security on 12880 (or 8201 2880 from a mobile phone), and give them the same information so they can meet the ambulance and guide them to the correct location promptly. Remain with the injured/ill person until help arrives, or contact the local First Aider to assist.  A list of First Aid Officers can be found in the Room 329 kitchenette, and there is a sick room available in Room 312, Level 3, Engineering Building (key available from Chris Euripides, WH&S Unit, ext. 13024, Room 418, Level 4, Engineering building.)

In the event of an accident, incident or near miss, please inform the PDU so a report can be filed.  Please also inform the PDU of any potential hazards you notice in the area.

If you bring any electrical items with a plug into the campus, including mobile phone chargers, laptop computers, radios etc, they will need to be electrically tested and tagged before use. Please contact the PDU to arrange this. Please ensure cords do not cause a tripping hazard for participants or yourself. also please note, bar heaters and double adaptors are banned from use at the university.

The PDU keeps a Plant Register with Safe Operating Procedures for all equipment in the training room should you wish to refer to them. 


 Confirmation of Completion 

 Please print this page, sign it to confirm you have read it, and hand it to the PDU Admin staff when signing the Authorised Contractor Permit.