The University recognises that to enhance supervisors' understanding and capacity to undertake the breadth of their responsibilities at Flinders, appropriate training should be provided and undertaken.  This is formally reflected in the policy on Supervisors

"A staff member who is appointed to a position with supervisory responsibilities will be required to undertake appropriate training unless agreed otherwise on the basis that the staff member demonstrates evidence of recent equivalent training/experience".   

This is a mandatory online course exploring the knowledge and skills base needed for effective staff supervision at Flinders.  All staff members who supervise staff are required to complete the course. The program consists of two traning modules, namely:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of a Supervisor
    This part of the course explores the generic capabilities and responsibilities of supervisors in areas such as compliance with policy and legislation, duty of care, human resources matters, performance review and development. 
  2. Managing the Workplace Environment
    This part of the course provides practical advice and information on the Staff Performance Review and Development Framework, application of HR processes and policies, OHS&IM responsibilities, and equal opportunity and diversity requirements.
For newly appointed supervisors, the expectation is that the core course will be completed within the first 6 months of appointment, which would normally be the probation term, or within such other period as specified in the staff member's contract of employment. 

Supervisors who believe their recent training/experience should be taken into account in determining whether they are required to undertake the core course should first discuss this with their supervisor.

Note: This mandatory course provides information about Flinders University's expectations of supervisors, policy framework and processes, and is of benefit to all supervisors by introducing and explaining the systems and practices used at Flinders.

All managers and supervisors of staff are required to undertake the OHS&IM on-line training package for supervisors, available through Flinders Learning Online (FLO). Staff who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate. For more information, refer to the OHS & IM induction and training website.