The Professional Development Unit hosts and supports a range of networking activities for all professional staff. Networking Opportunities at Flinders allow staff to interact and support each other throughout their employment. Some of the networks available for staff are:

  • Research Administrators and Developers (RAD) Network - a network of professional staff who support the research activities of Flinders University.  Its main aims are to improve communication lines, build capacity and develop efficiencies through the sharing of best practice.
  • ATEM (SA) - a pre-eminent professional body in Australasia for tertiary education administrators and managers which is supported under the professional staff conference scheme.
  • TechNet SA - a network for staff of the three South Australian universities working in the practical application of science, engineering, health, and associated technological and support services, providing communication, information exchange and networking events locally.  Participation in the annual TechNet Australia conference is supported by the Professional Development Unit.

  • ALLY Network - designed to enhance University culture by creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment for members of the Flinders community who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, questioning and queer (GLBTTIQQ).

  • Maternity Leaver's Forum - biannual forums to explore issues impacting on pregnant or breastfeeding women or women returning to work from maternity leave. Everyone is welcome - men, women and supervisors.

  • Equal Opportunity Contact Officers - provide confidential support and information to staff involved in a complaint of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or bullying.

Networking FAQs

What is networking?
Networking is a way for groups of staff sharing a common interest or goal to get together and share information, knowledge and services.

Who can set up a network?
Any group of staff who believe they have a shared interest and who have the time to commit to the establishment, maintenance and ongoing activities of the group can set up a network either formally or informally.

How do I set up a network?
The first step is to meet with your peers and establish a steering or reference group which will identify:

  • Type of network - formal or informal?
  • Guidelines for participation - what is the common interest of the group and who will be invited to be part of the network?
  • Networking activities - do you wish to have events, socialising, informal lunchtime get-togethers, knowledge exchange, online communities, etc?

What resources are needed?
The reference group is the driver and owner of the network, and the primary resource needed for members of a reference group is time and energy. It may be appropriate for the reference group to seek funding from the appropriate Portfolio, Divison or Faculty to support their events.

What other assistance is available?
The Professional Development Unit is able to assist with administration of networks for professional staff through:

  • Facilitating initial discussions to determine terms of reference and structure for the network;
  • Hosting and taking enrolments for network events through the iEnrol system; and
  • Hosting webpages and online discussion forums for the network.

Please contact the Manager of the Professional Development Unit for further assistance and information about networks.