Performance Management

Performance Management website

All professional staff with a contract of more than twelve months and all academic staff (other than casual staff) are required to participate in a formal review of performance, usually on an annual basis. Your supervisor can provide further assistance and the above website provides the relevant policies, procedures, forms and templates. 



Training and Development 

Staff Development opportunities at Flinders University are available from:

Centre for University Teaching

Support and training for teaching and research staff.

Centre for Educational Information and Communication Technologies

Support and training for all staff who use Information and Educational Technologies.

Professional Development Unit

Professional development and leadership and management training opportunities for all staff.





Education Opportunities and Rewards for Staff

Conference Funding and Study Assistance

Awards, grants, funding opportunities and study assistance are available for academic and professional staff.  See the website for more details and eligibility criteria. You can also find more information on the Graduation, Awards, Prizes and Recognition of Service page.

Seminars, Events and Conferences

A variety of interesting seminars, events and conferences are held by the University throughout the year. Check this page regularly, as well as the Flinders in Touch newsletter to keep updated. 

Special Access Entry Schemes to University Courses

Flinders has a national reputation for equitable and innovative ways of providing access to its courses and programs for people from non-traditional backgrounds. They include the Foundation Course, Non-award study and the Indigenous Admissions Scheme. You can find more information on the Adult Entry to University page. It's never too late!



Staying Informed

Following are links to newsletters, blogs and other resources to help keep you informed of what's happening at Flinders.

Important Dates

Dates for the academic year, critical enrolment dates, and links to other important information.

Women's Reference Group

This group meets at least once a year, providing an avenue for women to raise issues of interest and provide feedback on equal opportunity and diversity matters. Meetings and discussion topics will be convened through the FlindersWIN listserver. All academic and professional staff women are welcome to participate.

Flinders Blogs  

A list of blogs hosted by Flinders University.  You can find more at Flinders News and Events .

Human Resources News and Events

Up-to-date information about Human Resource issues.


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