As a manager or supervisor, you have an important role to play in assisting new staff members gain familiarity with their work environment and acquire a sense of belonging which will build their commitment to the University. This page is designed to help you effectively orient and induct new members of staff at Flinders University.

While each faculty, department and division of Flinders has particular needs which will shape staff induction practices, the guidelines below provide an overview of key issues and essential stages in an effective induction process. While it is ultimately the supervisor's responsibility to ensure new staff get the information and support they need, this does not mean you have to provide all of the information yourself. You may delegate some induction and orientation processes to other colleagues or administrative staff.

Stages of induction

Supervisors Guide to Induction (DOC 100KB) includes the rationale for induction and orientation, together with checklists covering pre-employment, first day and end of first few months stages of induction. 


Policies and information

Supervisors may find the following useful when inducting their new staff:

Workstation checklist

A checklist to help you to assist your new staff member to set up a safe workstation.

WH&S induction checklist

Go through this with your new staff member on their first day.  The new staff member and supervisor need to sign the document, and the supervisor must retain the signed checklist in the new staff member's file.

Disability Action Plan

A plan that describes the principles of ‘reasonable adjustment' and ‘reasonable accommodation' to allow, wherever possible, necessary and reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of a person with a disability.

Training needs analysis

This process will help you identify missing skills, knowledge or abilities needed in your new staff member's role, as well as determine ways to acquire them.

Performance management

Information and templates for academic and professional staff undertaking performance reviews.


Training for new supervisors

Supervisor Reference Manual MAR18

The Reference Manual links to relevant policies and procedures, and explains the supervisor's responsibility in relation to each.

Leadership and management courses 

The Professional Development Unit provides a range of Leadership and Management training.

Postgraduate Research Supervision Program

Academic staff, new to the supervision of higher degree research students, are required to participate in the Postgraduate Research Supervision Program.

Mandatory workshops for Supervisory Staff

The University recognises that to enhance supervisors' understanding and capacity to undertake the breadth of their responsibilities, appropriate training should be provided and undertaken. This is formally reflected in the Policy on supervisors. For newly appointed supervisors, the expectation is that this training will be completed within the first six months of appointment, which would normally be the probation term, or within such other period as specified in the staff member's contract of employment.

Supervisors who believe their recent training/experience should be taken into account in determining whether they are required to undertake this training, should first discuss this with their supervisor who, if he/she believes it is appropriate that the staff member's training/experience be recognised, should forward a brief recommendation and supporting statement to the Head of Collete / Portfolio Division for approval.

Supervisors at Flinders University are required to undertake the following mandatory programs:

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