Overview of the University

The following links will help you understand the functions of the University and provide some interesting facts about our history and our goals for the future, as well as introduce you to some key people and departments.


University terminology
This page will help you familiarise yourself with terminology used at the University.  There is also a useful website which lists some commonly used University terms and abbreviations.


About Flinders University
This page has useful links, including our Strategic Plan, history, facts and figures, organisational structure and governance.


Strategic Plan
Familiarising yourself with the Strategic Plan can be a useful way to understand the direction of the University and how your work group is contributing to these goals. You may like to discuss the plan with your supervisor or colleagues.


Organisational structure
The University is arranged into six Colleges and is supported by the Professional Services teams. Identify how your work group fits into the organisational structure.


University council and committees
University council and committees plan an important part in guiding the business of the University.


Keeping informed
There are a number of ways the University keeps staff members informed of what's going on including regular newsletters (Flinders-In-Touch, Inspiring Research, etc) and email alerts from professional services divisions, superannuation, and professional development opportunities. These newsletters are automatically sent to all staff members. You may like to check with your colleagues in your first few weeks to confirm you are receiving all the messages you require.


Staff page
This page has useful links for your daily working life, including People and Culture information, professional services, systems, governance and planning, as well as links to resources for teaching and research staff.


Specialist areas of the University
There are a number of specialised areas of the University you may need to familiarise yourself with including the Library, Office of Communications and Engagement, Research Development and Support, and Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement. 



On your first day, you read about the University's Policies and procedures.  Now that you have been at the University for a few weeks, you probably have more of an idea of the information you need to do your job. This is a good opportunity to revisit this page, to make sure you are aware of the policies which affect you. Please speak to your supervisor about policies that are the most relevant to your position. 

The following are some additional policies to familiarise yourself with.


Academic integrity
Academic staff members and other staff involved with teaching and learning are encouraged to complete the 'Academic integrity at Flinders' course which describes plagiarism and how to avoid it. The course is available on FLO (Flinders Learning Online) and should appear on your 'My FLO' page.


Fraud and prevention and control, conflicts of interest and ICAC
It is the responsibility of all persons connected with Flinders University to report fraud, corruption, misconduct or maladministration in relation to any of its operations in accordance with the Fraud and corruption prevention and control policy. Staff are also required to recognise and avoid conflicts between individual personal or pecuniary interests, and the interests of the University in accordance with the University's Conflict of interest policy. The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) Act makes it mandatory for University officers, employees or contractors to report acts or behaviour that they reasonably suspect constitutes corruption and serious misconduct or maladministration in relation to the University's operations directly to the Office of Public Integrity. 


Privacy policy
The privacy policy has been adopted by the University and sets out the ways in which it may collect, store, use, manage, and protect an individual's personal information.  Staff are responsible for ensuring that information is handled in accordance with the policy.


Staff are required to abide by copyright law and should familiarise themselves with the copyright webpages;  these outline the most relevant areas of the Copyright Act.


Intellectual property
The University has certain rights under common law and by statute to ownership of intellectual property created by staff, whether members of the academic staff or the professional staff, in the course of their employment.  Staff originators of intellectual property also have certain entitlements and responsibilities.


Education Services for Overseas Students Act compliance
The Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act) covers important information regarding the recruitment and enrolment of onshore international students. Professional and academic University staff who deal with international students must be aware of their obligations under this Act. ESOS compliance training is available online, and further information can be sought from the ESOS Compliance Officer on ext. 12874.


Freedom of information
The University is committed to the principles of openness, accuracy, accountability and responsibility which underpin the Freedom of Information Act. Everyone employed at the University needs to be aware of their rights and obligations under the Freedom of Information policy, which involves the management of information and documents as well as private information about individuals or activities.


Social media guidelines
Social media sites are a medium for the University to connect and communicate with the community. These guidelines have been developed to assist staff members protect the reputation of the University in a way which is respectful of the views and privacy of individuals.


Outside professional activities
This policy aims to ensure that staff understand the general obligation to inform the University, through their supervisor, about any existing or proposed outside professional activity, to disclose any conflicts of interest, and the reasons for the University seeking to regulate outside professional activities of its employees to meet standards of public accountability and risk management.


Consulting funds
Academic or professional staff may establish consulting fund accounts for remuneration from consultancies administered by Flinders Partners, the delivery of external lectures, marking of theses, and other activities.


Staff business web pages
All staff have a 'Staff business web page' to share content about your work at the University with students, colleagues and the public. You can access your staff business web page using your FAN and password.


Student-related policies and procedures
Student-related policies and procedures can be found on this website.


Teaching and course management
This website lists various teaching-related and course management policies and procedures, with which all academic staff need to be familiar.


Research-related policies and procedures
This page lists research-related policies and procedures with which all research staff need to be familiar.

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