Conditions of employment

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Conditions of employment

The terms and conditions of your employment are listed in your letter of offer and the University's Enterprise Agreement. Each staff member (except casual staff) is provided with a contract of employment specifying the terms and conditions applying to their appointment, including the classification level, commencing salary, appointment fraction, reporting relationship, length and term of any probationary period, and broad responsibilities.

For further information, contact People and Culture.

Position description

All new staff members should have a copy of their position description which provides details of the key responsibilities of the role, as well as its organisational context. Your supervisor can answer any questions you may have or, alternatively, contact People and Culture.

Your type of appointment has been determined using this policy. More information about your classification level is available at the Classification, reclassification and role statements page.

Grievances policy

This policy covers the framework for responding to staff grievances which may be in relation to the impact of behaviour of other staff, unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, or serious error in a merit-based selection process.

Whistleblower statement and procedures

Staff have the right to disclose reportable conduct without fear of victimisation, including behaviour which is dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, illegal, in breach of Commonwealth of state legislation or local authority by-laws, unethical, unsafe, or may cause financial or non-financial loss to the University, including gross mismanagement.

Discipline matters

Policies relating to disciplinary procedures for unsatisfactory performance and misconduct of academic and professional staff.

Resignation / termination / separation

This page explains redundancy provisions, notice of termination of employment, and termination of employment on medical grounds.

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Additional conditions of employment for Academic Staff

Academic staff promotions

This page lists information and forms relevant to application for promotion by academic staff.

Academic profiles

Academic profiles form the basis of assessment for probation (convertible and continuing staff), annual performance and promotion, and describe the range of activities in which a staff member could be expected to be involved in each of the four areas of academic activity: teaching, research and creative activity, administration, and professional performance.

Academic workload policy

This policy outlines the way in which academic workloads are measured and allocated. You should discuss how the policy is implemented in your School with your supervisor.

Flinders Foundation of University Teaching program

All academic staff who are new to Flinders University are required to participate in orientation and induction programs specific to teaching and research. This program is offered by the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching.

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Benefits of employment

Below are some of the benefits which Flinders University provides for its staff members.

Staff benefits

A general guide to some of the benefits, leave provisions and flexible working arrangements offered to staff by Flinders University.

Internal jobs at Flinders

Flinders academic and professional staff may apply for internally advertised jobs. If you are currently employed in a fixed-term, convertible or continuing position, you can access pre-filled application forms through the Employee Self Service.


Most staff will have superannuation through UniSuper which enables you to manage your superannuation online. UniSuper also hold free information seminars throughout the year. Superannuation may also be salary packaged.

Salary packaging

The University offers staff the opportunity to negotiate the structure of their remuneration which may result in their cash salary being reduced by way of salary sacrifice. A variety of costs may be salary packaged including superannuation, car parking fees, airline lounge memberships, portable electronic devices, professional subscriptions and motor vehicle leasing. 

Flexible Working Arrangements

The University is committed to providing a flexible working environment which is responsive to our staff members' family and personal responsibilities.  Staff members have the ability to convert their appointment to part-time for family care purposes, or when aged 55 years or over, or convert to part-year appointment.  The University may also institute a redeployment process for professional staff when required.


Secondment is an opportunity for staff to work in another area of the University or another organisation for the purpose of exchange of ideas or information, enhancement of organisational relationships, personal development or to fill a vacant position.

Employee health plan

Flinders University employees can take advantage of the BUPA / Flinders University employee health plan and receive a range of benefits. There are various on-site visits throughout the year by representatives who can answer your questions.

Health Service at Bedford Park campus

Staff are welcome to use the health Service which is a fully equipped and accredited medical centre, located at the Bedford Park campus. Consultations are strictly confidential and bulk-billed.

Sports and fitness facilities

FlindersOne Sports and Fitness provides excellent sporting and fitness facilities at Bedford Park campus including a three level fitness centre with group fitness room, cardio room, weights room and gymnasium with showers, changerooms and lockers available. Personal training and short courses are also available. Eligible staff members may wish to salary package their gym membership.  

Anti-virus software for staff

Under the IT Acceptable Use Policy the University requires that all personal computers connected to the campus network have anti-virus software installed and updated.  Links to free anti-virus software solutions are provided at the link above.

Free wireless network access

Staff, students and visitors to the University can use the Flinders wireless network on the laptop or PDA for access to the internet on campus.

Child and parenting facilities

Flinders University offers childcare and breast-feeding facilities on campus. More information is available from the Pregnancy and work page. Regular Maternity leavers' forums are also held twice a year and everyone is welcome.

Oasis - Flinders University 

This centre operates as a multi-faith community. There are Chaplains available, such as the Uniting Church, Hindu, Pagan, Muslim, Lutheran and Buddhist. 

Oasis offers hospitality, promotes well-being and fosters inclusive spirituality - inspiring a culture of care at Flinders University. 

Oasis is situated in the basement level of the Function Centre, Humanities Road, opposite carpark 5. Prayer rooms are located in Oasis.

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Policies and Procedures

Room bookings

Administrative staff in your area should be able to help you with room bookings using the Student Two system. Information and Digital Services provides support for the audio-visual equipment in the major lecture theatres.

Prior to using a lecture theatre, new lecturers must participate in a Lecture theatre orientation session.

You can search for an available room using the Room booking search function.

Video-conferencing, recording lectures and streaming of lecture services are available through Audio-Visual Services.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence

This page explains all requirements for domestic or international travel for job-related purposes.


Records management 

The management of records and associated staff responsibilities are covered in the Records management policy.

The Keep the knowledge - make a record eLearning module provides an introduction to what all staff need to know about managing their records.  It has been developed by the National Archives of Australia. The principles apply equally to staff working at Flinders University. All records management enquiries can be directed to the Manager, University Records on (08) 8201 3056 or via email at


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