Professional Services Project

The Vice-Chancellor established this project with the intent to improve the University’s current support services model. This need to analyse and overhaul our services was necessary following staff and student concerns about hierarchy and bureaucracy within the University (see background). The Project Director is Stuart Mossman.

The vision for this project is to deliver a high quality service model that is customer focused, sustainable, and importantly supports the achievement of the University’s strategic objectives. This will be achieved in collaboration with the Flinders community.

Professional Services Project implementation

In the lead-up to the new College-based organisational structure which commenced on 1 July 2017, the Professional Services Project team has been working with incoming Heads of College Services for the six Colleges and with directors in professional services areas to identify the best way to deliver professional services.

The principles for achieving this include reducing organisational layers, focusing on excellence and customer service, simplifying policies and business processes and streamlining approval processes and delegations.

Ongoing organisational change is proposed to be implemented in three stages, as outlined below.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the organisational structure change has already started and is envisaged to continue until about September, 2017.

The focus in this stage is on improvements in Business Services areas.

Major Change and Implementation Proposals have been released for the divisions of People and Culture, Finance and Procurement Services and Information and Digital Services. Staff have been asked to provide feedback and individual and group meetings have been held for affected staff.

Following the release of the Major Change and Implementation proposals, Vice-President (Corporate Services) Mr Mark Gregory, together with Director Projects, Mr Stuart Mossman, held a well-attended town hall meeting for all University staff, to update on progress with the PSP and the College model. Thank you to all who participated for your helpful and constructive feedback, questions and suggestions. Further feedback can be provided via:

Stage 2

Stage 2 is envisaged to run from about September 2017 until November 2017.

It is anticipated that other professional services areas will undertake similar change processes over the coming months. This would cover areas including Buildings & Property, Library Services, Office of Communications & Engagement, Integrity, Governance & Risk and Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) as well as the broad areas of College Operations (including customer service, administration and executive support), Student and Teaching Support, and Research Support (including graduate research support).

Stage 3

Stage 3 is envisaged to run from late 2017 through 2018. By this time our organisational structure will have settled. However, there will be more to do improve the way we work and this will affect the new structure. During this stage the new organisational structure will be further refined and there will be a focus on business improvements (including technological improvements and automation).

Also at this time we will begin the work of co-locating of staff and further improvements in College service areas.

Noting that physical space changes come at considerable cost and take time, we hope to work through this in the year 2018, working closely with Colleges.

Also we will then begin the review of remote and regional areas.

As always, all organisational change will be managed in accordance with our obligations, staff are invited to provide feedback on the change proposals and individual and group meetings are held for affected staff.

Affected staff will either transition to proposed positions or have the opportunity to apply for proposed positions in the new structures through restricted merit-based selection processes.


Who can I talk to?

We welcome questions or feedback to

If you have HR related concerns please contact your supervisor or your HR advisor.

The confidential University Employee Assistance Program is also available.