Flinders University is a shareholder in the following commercial entities.

Flinders Partners

Flinders Partners is the single point of contact for anyone interested in gaining access to research expertise, capabilities and facilities at Flinders University.

Contact Flinders Partners if you want to work with us.

Flinders Fertility

Flinders Fertility (formerly Flinders Reproductive Medicine) helped to conceive the first IVF baby in South Australia in 1982 and has since helped many women achieve a successful pregnancy.

National Institute of Labour Studies

The National Institute of Labour Studies is one of Australia’s leading centres for labour market research and consultancy.

Lung Health Diagnostics

Lung Health Diagnostics specialises in a new test for diagnosing and monitoring damage to the lung's gas exchange region.

TGR Biosciences

TGR Biosciences provide innovative solutions for cell-based research applications and are immunoassay technology specialists.