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ERA December Panel Meetings (DOCX 14KB)


Tools, Rules and Resources for ERA 2012

The ERA presentation given at Flinders on November 22 is available at this link:

The ERA 2012 Journal list is available here:

Each journal has assigned FoR codes. Departing from the fixed-FoR code model of ERA 2010, if the main field of research of an article published within these journals does not fall within the defined codes, it is permissible to assign a non-specified code to the output on the proviso that the non-defined code is entered at greater than 66% of the FoR allocation for that article.

Further details on the ERA 2012 journal list are available here:

A copy of the ARC submission rules is available here: ERA2012_SubmissionGuidelines (PDF 1MB)


From ERA 2010

ERA 2010 FoR results by institution (PDF 706KB)

Information about the outcomes of ERA 2010 can be found here


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