Why we collect this information

We collect this information to ensure that the University is complying with legislative reporting requirements; to provide information to stakeholders and to assist in maintaining up to date academic profiles of our staff.


What we do with the information

The information is used in reports provided to the Federal government and it's agencies as required. A variety of reports are submitted by the University to ensure that it complies with legislative requirements.

Other information is used in advice, reports and analysis to assist stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding research performance by Colleges, Schools and staff members.

Publications data is linked to the relevant staff pages and made available for staff to promote on their own profile.


How to submit the information

Publications data is submitted via the Research Management Information System. Details and instructions on how to submit publications data can be accessed on the Research Data Systems page.

Excellence in Research Australia information is also submitted via the Research Management Information System.


What to do if I want to access the information

A FAN and password are required for access to both the RMIS and RePortal. Accounts are automatically created for staff members with a FAN. If there are issues in accessing either of the systems, send an email to research.data@flinders.edu.au detailing the issue.

A series of Reports and analysis are already available via the RePortal.

If a report or analysis is not currently available, a request can be sent to the Research Data and Reporting team via research.data@flinders.edu.au. The Research Data and Reporting Team prioritise requests as they are received in conjunction with existing workloads.



What other things we do

As well as providing research performance information, the Research Data and Reporting team maintain the Research section of the Flinders website.

Editorial and interviewing responsibility for Inspiring Research is also provided by the Research Data and Reporting team. Maintenance of the distribution list and the call for articles list is the responsibility of the Research Data and Reporting team.

The team also provides administration support for the collation of upcoming funding and conference/workshop opportunities information and distribution of the Grants Bulletin to a dedicated distribution list.

Training is provided either via on-on-one, where requests for this individual training can be sent to research.data@flinders.edu.au or via the Research Data and Reporting Team’s monthly drop-in session for interested academic and professional staff. The aim of the sessions is to provide one-on-one and small group assistance to staff who want either a refresh on the research data systems used at Flinders or to learn some new skills to assist them. To enrol in an upcoming session, click the link above.



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