Research Data and Reporting Team

Mr Ben Jacobs
Research Data Manager

Ben oversees and manages the Data and Reporting team in Research Development and Support. He can provide high level advice, reports and analysis on research activity at Flinders.

(08) (61 8) 8201 3866

Mr Linn Kaing
Research Data Officer: Service Coordinator

Linn is responsible for managing the timely response to enquires from the Flinders community in relation to research data as recorded in the University's Research Management Information System and its maintenance.

(08) (61 8) 8201 2808

Mr Alex Noblet
Research Data Officer: Data Collection and Reporting

Alex oversees the collection of research data and provides advice, analysis and reports on research activity at Flinders.

(08) (61 8) 8201 2703

Miss Nikki Johnson
Research Data Officer: Communication and Engagement

Nikki is responsible for the maintenance of the Research section of the University website and is an editor for RDS's Inspiring Research blog, including interviewing subjects for articles.

(08) (61 8) 8201 2052

Ms Natalie Norton
Research Data Assistant

Natalie is responsible for publications data entry and verification.

(08) (61 8) 8201 7561


ERA team

Mr Ben Jacobs
Research Data Manager

(08) (61 8) 8201 3866

For contact details on the full Flinders ERA Team, including the Research Strategy Leaders - see the ERA Contacts page.