The Flinders Scheme - building research capacity and capability

The Flinders University Researcher Mentoring Scheme is a strategy to support our researchers who are early-career and those transitioning to mid-career status. Each mentee is assisted in developing and maintaining a one-on-one mentoring partnership with a mentor, who is a senior Flinders academic and matched based on a mentee’s requirements. The year-long scheme also offers researcher development opportunities to mentees throughout the year. These events promote a collegial, supportive environment for mentees to strengthen bonds amongst their peers, who are based in all Colleges across the University.

In 2018 the Researcher Mentoring Scheme will be in its seventh year. To date, more than 130 Flinders’ ECRs have benefited from this program.


Why mentoring?

Are you expanding your independent or collaborative research career?

Would you like to broaden your strategic thinking within the University sector?

Are you interested in growing your research profile and networks?

Would you like the support and guidance of an experienced, senior researcher?

Flinders’ mentoring is a strategy to assist early-stage researchers with their careers. Mentoring has positively impacted on ECRs’ well-being and research profile, including grant income and publications. Mentees have reported that the scheme has enhanced their ability to plan their research career, set goals, lead, manage and collaborate.


Scheme structure

In October expressions of interest are released for ECRs and senior researchers to apply to participate in the next year’s scheme as mentees or mentors, respectively.

Please contact Marina if you would like more detail on the activities and their scheduling within the annual scheme.


Eligibility - Can I participate?

The Researcher Mentoring Scheme is open to all Flinders University staff (i) pursuing a research career, and (ii) who meet the eligibility criteria