Testimonials and feedback


As a direct result of being in the mentoring scheme I've written many more papers and grant applications; in particular this scheme has highly impacted on my publication output - I've written and submitted seven manuscripts in the last six months - up from zero in the previous six months.

My year in the mentoring scheme has been my most productive, with regards to research output, to date

As a result of being involved in the scheme I've decide to apply for promotion in the next round, which I would have delayed by a year or two otherwise.



My mentor had a genuine willingness to share his experiences and support me to succeed. They continued to remind me of the importance of research within our academic jobs.

The mentoring scheme enrouraged me to have the confidence to make the most of my experienced colleagues in my Department to get advice around grant submission, to proof read and edit.

The greatest benefit of being in the scheme was that my mentor was a sounding board to bounce ideas off and get objective external feedback.

My mentor’s research area is very niche and she has built an international reputation in the area – so I have some great insights into strategy to get research noticed, building capacity, and strategic opportunities to take advantage of.

I got some great mentoring on strategic networking both within and outside the university which I had no idea about. I think the best part, which is difficult to measure, is having someone to talk to about whatever is going on… someone who can be objective.


Benefits and outcomes

The scheme is evaluated annually. The following benefits and outcomes are reported from past and present mentee cohorts.

Assisted with:

  • Research career planning
  • Managing competing demands and prioritising research
  • Confidence building
  • Setting goals
  • Increasing work networks

Planning and strategy resulting in positive impact on academic outputs:

  • Publications
  • Grants
  • Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Student recruitment

Improved strategies for:

  • Managing research teams
  • Forming collaborative partnerships
  • Planning research with impact
  • Research engagement

A positive culture of mentoring is being established or improved:

  • Mentees are now increasingly mentoring staff and students in their own research groups, armed with the 'tools and tactics' they've learnt from the scheme

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