College of Medicine and Public Health Animal Facility SOPs

SWMS for First Aid of Animals in Animal Facility (PDF 147KB)  - Approved 19 December 2017

Necropsy of Rodents for Animal Welfare Investigations (PDF 241KB)  - Approved 19 December 2017

Emergency Contingency (PDF 99KB)  - DRAFT

Guinea Pigs


College of Science and Engineering Animal Facility SOPs

SOP for the Use of the College of Science and Engineering Animal Facility (PDF 486KB) - Approved 24 January 2018

SOP for Emergency Management (PDF 365KB)  - DRAFT



SOP for Working with Small Birds (PDF 843KB)  - Approved 24 January 2018



SA Wildlife Animal Ethics Committee SOPs

Collection of Blood from Wildlife (PDF 131KB)

Collection of Hair and Feather Samples (PDF 87KB)

Collection of Voucher Specimens (PDF 88KB)

Euthanasia of Research Animals in the Field (PDF 102KB)

Reporting Adverse Events (PDF 81KB)

Transportation of Live Animals (PDF 68KB)

Use of Microchips for Marking Wildlife (PDF 86KB)

Use of Tracking Tunnels (PDF 69KB)

Use of Live Traps to Capture Terrestrial Vertebrates (PDF 146KB)



Additional References

NC3R's Mouse Grimace Scale (PDF 452KB)

NC3R's Rat Grimace Scale (PDF 467KB)

NC3R's Rabbit Grimace Scale (PDF 554KB)

Ten practical realities for institutional animal care and use committees when evaluating protocols dealing with fish in the field (2015) (PDF 295KB)

Shark & Ray Handling Practices (2014) (PDF 6MB)

The ARRIVE Animal Research: Reporting on In Vivo Experiments Guidelines (2013) (PDF 264KB)

Husbandry Guidelines for Penguins (2009) (PDF 804KB)  

Minimising Disease Risk in Wildlife Management 2005 (PDF 446KB)

AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals (2013) (PDF 1MB)

NHMRC: A guide to the care and use of Australian native mammals in research and teaching (2014) (PDF 1MB)

Standard Operating Procedures for aluminium box, wire cage, and pitfall trapping, handling, and temporary housing of small wild rodents and marsupials (2012) (PDF 151KB)