Details regarding biosafety-related activities, approval requirements, and all related matters, are contained within the Biosafety Manual. The information provided on these Biosafety webpages is a summary only, and the Manual must be consulted for complete details.


New applications for biosafety approval

All new applications must be submitted to the University's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), using the appropriate application forms, depending on the specific category of activity being undertaken. Please ensure that the correct form is submitted.

In addition to the Application Form, you must also submit a Risk Assessment Form with each new application (except with exempt dealing applications).

Please note that work involving naked nucleic acid, e.g., siRNAs or oligonucleotides, in exempt and non-exempt hosts is considered gene technology, and therefore requires biosafety approval.

Changes to approved projects

To update personnel or facility details for an IBC approved project, please notify the IBC via email. Please include the project ID in any correspondence.

For minor scientific changes (updates) to already approved projects, you must submit a request for approval to the IBC, using the Update Application Form. Your application will be fully reviewed against the existing approved project, and an appended project reference number will be assigned for each update.

Please note that if the IBC feels that the project scope or methodology will change, or that the risk or dealing schedule will increase due to the update, you will be asked to submit a new project application.

IBC dates and other application information

If you are unsure if you require IBC approval, or if you are unsure what type of application you need to submit, please refer to the decision flowchart available on Application forms, Cover Sheets and Templates.

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