Details regarding biosafety-related activities, approval requirements, and all related matters, are contained within the Biosafety Manual. The information provided on these Biosafety webpages is a summary only, and the Manual must be consulted for complete details.


2018 Meeting and Submission Schedule

Meeting Date Application Closing Date
7th February 24th January
4th April 21st March
6th June 23rd May
1st August 18th July
3rd October 19th September
5th December 21st November

The IBC will try, wherever possible, to accommodate late applications and may also consider certain applications out-of-session upon request (exempt dealings, or minor update applications). In both cases, the final decision is made subject to reviewer availability.


Application Forms - Internal

If you are unsure if you require IBC approval, or if you are unsure what type of application you need to submit, please refer to the decision flowchart above.


Application Forms for OGTR Licences

The following four forms can be downloaded from the Forms page of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) website:

  • Licence application form for genetically modified (GM) plant field trials
  • Licence application form for genetically modified (GM) plants – commercial release
  • Licence application form for non-plant dealings involving intentional release (DIR) of a GMO
  • Licence application form for dealings not involving intentional release (DNIR) of a GMO

These external forms are to be submitted to the IBC, who will forward to the OGTR as required.

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