Physical Containment (PC) Facility Induction

All personnel working in a certified facility must undergo training specific to that class of certification. The PC facility induction checklist outlines the requirements for certified facility training.

Staff and students who use the PC2 Microbiological Laboratory in Teaching Lab 5, Biological Sciences, are invited to watch a short video of the induction session for this facility. This video provides training for students undertaking practical sessions in the facility.


Flinders University Biosafety Training

For all personnel conducting activities requiring IBC approval, both training at a local level and attendance at a Flinders Biosafety Training session are compulsory.

Such personnel, including Chief Investigators, Honours and postgraduate research students, must participate in a Biosafety Training session as soon as possible after starting at Flinders, and then at least every 3 years thereafter.

Biosafety Training is held annually, usually in April. Participants are required to pass a short test held at the completion of the session with a mark of 80% or greater in order to qualify for the Training Day Certificate of Completion.

Personnel are invited to watch the video of the 2018 biosafety training session; however, this does not constitute attendance or completion of the training unless prior permission has been granted.

If you have any queries regarding biosafety training, please contact

Details of relevant seminars and workshops can be viewed at Upcoming Workshops and Seminars.


Working Safely in a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

The Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) has produced a valuable introductory training video demonstrating the basic principles of biosafety cabinets and their safe use. Please visit the link below and download a copy of the ‘Working Safely in a Class II BSC’ video at the right hand side of the page (WMV file).


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