Do I Need an Export Permit?

 If your research relates to goods or technologies that are listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL), you may need a permit to export, supply, publish or broker the controlled goods, software or technology. For many items, any associated technology or information is only controlled if it is ‘required’ for the ‘development’, ‘production’ or in some cases ‘use’ of the controlled good.

The Defence Export Controls (DEC) agency has developed a self-assessment tool to assist users to establish whether or not a permit is required. The Online DSGL Tool is available on the DEC website. 

For further assistance to determine whether you need an export permit, please contact the Defence Exports Officer.


How to Apply for an Export Permit

Researchers intending to export, supply, publish or broker goods, technology or software that may be on the DSGL must consult with the Ethics Officer or Manager, Research Ethics and Integrity. If you believe that there is a possibility that you may require a permit, or you are unsure if one is required, please contact us.

All applications must be approved and submitted by Research Development and Support.

Information on Application Forms can be found on Resources.


I Have an Export Permit, What Next?

Researchers who have received a permit from DEC must follow all conditions specified on the permit, and either cease activities before the permit expires, or seek renewal of the permit before the approval period ends. Additionally, some record keeping related to export activities is required - Research Development and Support can provide further advice regarding this.

Please advise Research Development and Support if the activities or research for which you have obtained a permit change.