Introduction to Defence Export Controls

What Goods and Technologies are Controlled?

What Activities are Controlled?

About Defence Export Control

What is Controlled?

Who will be Affected by Defence Export Control Legislation?

How Does Defence Export Control Affect Individual Researchers?

Exemptions to Defence Trade Control

The Defence and Strategic Goods List

Export of Physical Goods Controlled Under the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL)

Supply, Publication and Brokering of Technical Information and/or Software Controlled Under the DSGL

Summary of Permit Requirements under the DTCA

Exemptions to Export Controls


Applying for an Export Permit

Resources & Training




Do I need an Export Permit?

How to Apply for an Export Permit

I Have an Export Permit, What Next?

Relevant Legislation and Regulations

Application Forms

Training and Scenarios

Further Information and Links (including Glossary)

Defence Exports Officer