Research Integrity relates to the responsible conduct and reporting of research. It involves applying principles such as honesty, accuracy, accountability, quality and good stewardship of resources to the design and practice of research.


Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

In Australia, the primary guideline in this area is the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code).

It is a condition of the University's funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) that all researchers (staff and students) comply with the Code.

The principles and procedures described in the Code are also reflected in the University's research-related policies, with which all University researchers must comply.

The Code provides guidance in the following areas:

Part A: Principles and Practices to Encourage Responsible Research

  1. General Principles of Responsible Research
  2. Management of Research Data and Primary Materials
  3. Supervision of Research Trainees
  4. Publication and Dissemination of Research Findings
  5. Authorship
  6. Peer Review
  7. Conflicts of Interest
  8. Collaborative Research Across Institutions

Part B: Breaches of The Code, Research Misconduct, and the Framework for Resolving Allegations

  1. Breaches of the Code and Misconduct
  2. Concepts and Definitions
  3. Responsibilities
  4. The Framework for Resolving Allegations



Training and Awareness

Training in Research Integrity

Training in research integrity and the Code is being provided in the form of seminars to University staff and research students.

In 2014, training seminars were presented in individual Schools, to RHD students and supervisors, and to the wider University community. A copy of the past presentations are available at Past workshop presentations.

In 2015, a training seminar was presented twice throughout the year.

The 2017 presentation is available to be watched here.



Collaborative Research Across Institutions

If you are conducting collaborative research with another institution, there must be a written agreement between Flinders University and the other institution(s), to formalise the terms and conditions of the collaboration, as described here.