Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) aims to identify and promote excellence across the full spectrum of research activity in Australia’s higher education institutions. ERA evaluates the quality of the research undertaken in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks. The ratings are determined and moderated by committees of distinguished researchers, drawn from Australia and overseas.

The indicators used in ERA include a range of metrics such as citation profiles which are common to disciplines in the natural sciences, and peer review of a sample of research outputs which is more broadly common in the humanities and social sciences. ERA is a comprehensive collection.

The data submitted by Flinders University covers all eligible researchers and their research outputs. The precise set of indicators used has been developed in close consultation with the research community.


Outcomes on previous ERA rounds

The first full round of ERA occurred in 2010 with the results published in 2011. The second round of ERA was completed with the publication of the ERA 2012 National Report in December 2012. The third ERA round occurred in 2015 with the results published in 2016.

Information on all Previous ERA rounds, including the 2015 Flinders University submission summary, can be seen here.

A snapshot summary of the 2015 ERA Success can be seen here.



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